Boys in the Sand 2 / Men in the Sand 2 (1984)

Boys in the Sand 2 / Men in the Sand 2 (1984) Gay Movie
Year: 1984
Genre: Gay Porn, Retro, Vintage, Asshole, Fellatio
Duration: 00:59:28
Director: Wakefield Poole
Studio: Actual Time Fabrications
Actors: Pat Allen, Casey Donovan, Dave Connors, Tony Williams, Paul Erse, Victor Houston

This sequel to administrator Wakefield Poole’s landmark Guys in the Sand arrives 15 years later, and the result is… well, extreme to say. It’s definitely worth owning, that’s for sure.

Ok, first the awfulegregious news:
The look of this VHS tape transfer borders on atrocious: it’s soft or fuzzy in spots, and it was indeed irritating trying to figure out who was doing what and to whom, so close are some of these “close-ups.” As well, the video has been butchered by dissimilar distributors over the years – and not by the chief himself.

Now the (very) great news:
This is a must-own for several motives. First, Casey Donovan and his mega-huge meatwad are always a welcome sight. Second, and more importantly, the obviously talented Poole creates a near-classic example of pre-condom on-screen bang. Poole truly is an artist, and this is a shining example of what he’s capable of.

Lots of fantasy-play, good-looking open-air beach scenarios… and some of the most yummy-in-my-tummy looking oral-stimulation and facial cumshots of the era. They’re not overly elaborate or anything, just terrific shots of dudes taking full loads in the mouth, swirling the burden on their tongues, and gulping it down. Watch as well for a sleazy (and hard-on inducing) shot of a just-spent manmeat plunging back into a cum-filled butt for more rutting entertainment.

Format: AVI
Video: 640×480 (1.33:1), 29.970 frm per/s, DivX Codec 6.1 ~1483 kbps avrg, 0.16 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.100 KHerz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~192.00 Kb per/sec avg
File size: 718 MB

Boys in the Sand 2 / Men in the Sand 2 (1984) Gay Movie

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Boys in the Sand 2 / Men in the Sand 2 (1984) Gay Movie