CAIN TREY Bisexuals
Release Year: 2011
Studio: VC-1 at 1 642 Kbt p/s, Aspect: 960 x 540 (1.778) at 30.000 frm per/s
Featured: TREY
Genres: Unsaddled, Oral/Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Cumshots, Muscle
Movie language: English

Our two most recent Dean’s Listers are unitedly again to tag team new coed, Jackie! That’s right – the Chosen One and the Sly Fox fill Jackie from both ends in this horny scene!
As Cain kisses Jackie, Trey gets her bra off, and in the process, feels Cain’s big penis through his jeans. The boys kiss before she goes to work sucking on Trey’s long cock. As she sucks Trey, he reaches down to finger her sexy pom-pom.
Trey kisses Cain while Jackie sucks his dick. Trey moves behind Cain to kiss his shoulders and massage his thick pecs. Cain pulls Trey around so they can stuff their manmeats in Jackie’s muzzle at the same time.
Cain kisses Trey’s pap and then moves down to fuck Jackie from behindhand. He inserts his cock inside her, telling them how her bottom is almost is outstanding as Trey’s!
The dudes spitroast Jackie. She whimpers with pleasure, her kisser too full of Trey’s manmeat to speak. Cain jackhammers her. He lifts her up from behind, pounding her even faster.
Trey switches places with Cain and pushes his manmeat deep inside Jackie. He likes how she’s feeling, her rose lips wrapped around his dick. He hangs on to her shoulder to pull her even father down onto his penis.
Cain leans over and kisses Trey as he bangs Jackie doggy-style. Trey pounds her faster as Cain tells him to bang her heavy. Jackie desires to see the boys fucking and they are more than willing!
Trey climbs up on top of Cain and has Jackie help guide Cain’s thick cock into his constricting hole. Trey bawls out, half-laughing in ecstasy as Cain drills up inside him. He says Cain is giving him goosebumps!
Jackie’s enjoying the show. Cain pounds Trey even faster, then slows down. Trey’s loving how deep Cain is going inside him.
Cain fucks Trey doggy-style. He spits on his hand to help lube up his dick before slamming it inside Trey’s hollow. Cain and Jackie kiss as he pounds Trey’s bum. Trey yelps loudly, edging closer to an intensive orgasm as Cain bangs him.
Trey gets on his back. Jackie blows him as Cain pierces deep inside Trey’s butt. Trey blasts a thick weight all over his lean, muscled abs.
Cain follows up, film making his weight all over Trey. Trey strokes their penises unitedly and says he loved every bit of that. Cain asks Jackie if she did and she assents!

Format: avi
Duration: 14:21
Video: 960×540, Wm Video 9, 1603kbps
Audio: 62kbps

CAIN TREY Bisexuals CAIN TREY Bisexuals CAIN TREY Bisexuals CAIN TREY Bisexuals
CAIN TREY Bisexuals
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CAIN TREY Bisexuals