Hammer Entertainment – Hammer Boys 4

Hammer Entertainment - Hammer Boys 4 Gay Movie

Year: 2005
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Oral, anilingus, Buttocks, Safe sex, Cum shots, Solo, Masturbation
Length: 1:37:37

Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Studio: Hammer Amusement

Cast: Karel Novak, Peter Topinka, Orfeus Diaboli, Ray Danielson, (More)

Description: Hammer Fun presents its 4th installment in its Hammer Blokes Series. Watch as these horny uncut Euro twinks pound each one more in debauched pleasure.

Rolf Hammerschmidt of Germany, the buddy who found and made Lukas Ridgeston and many one more Bel-Ami models famous in the first place, and former owner / manager of Mans Best of Germany, has now started a new fabrication company called Hammer Fun. At all times one of my very favourite director’s (since I saw Fairy Tales for the first time), Rolf has a flair for art, an eye for gorgeous (read charming) models, realistic action both in sex episodes and the background video that sets the tone of the scenes. Possibly Europe’s premier chief, Hammerschmidt discovered many of the models that have since become the icons of the gay adult video. Striving to use only gay models, rather than the unsatisfying “gay for pay” used by many managers, Rolf’s videos always come off with a palatable sense of realism and honesty. Yes, it’s nice to watch actors doing something they enjoy doing, rather than watching someone trying to look like he’s enjoying doing what he’s paid to do.

Here’s a compilation video of five scenes, including a solo J/O at the end and turns out to be just a hair short of 100 minutes long. We start with a handsome, albeit mid-20’s blond buddy who appeared in Hammer Dudes 3 in the third scene as well as in Der Stoss Trupp and several one more Mans Best movies. He’s remembering photographing a gorgeous guy with long dark hair, clad in nothing but little white briefs. The dark haired buddy dances for our blond photographer and inserts his hand down his underwear, massaging his cock along the way. Other dark haired bloke shows up and shortly after the first one is sucking the second one while the blonde photographer chronicles it all to film. The second dark haired buddy, responds by sucking, anilingus and then fuck his long haired boy ’till they’ve both had adequate and jerk off all over each one more.

In the second episode, a dark haired bloke is checking out a muscle mag while his partner messes around with a computer. The companion gets up and comes over to check out the muscle mag. Soon sufficient, the longer haired buddy is blowing his short haired fellow. The short haired buddy, who’s sporting at least a python and a half, grabs it (thought unpredictedly NOT with both hands…) and pounds out a load that would have drowned anyone who’d have dared to try and swallow it all. Apparently, after wiping off his thorax, he then offers up his kisser to his friend, sucking him till the comrade AS WELL shoots on his upper body. No wonder there isn’t a zit to be seen there. But they aren’t done yet and the short haired buddy with the dick and a half, pulls a contraceptive on (looks like it covered about half of that monster cock, and proceeds to fucking his bloke ridiculous. OK, now we’re done……. No, we’re not. The longer haired buddy comes to a decision to jerk one more burden out his his penis also. OK, now we’re done…….. truly.

A dark haired buddy is acquiring a massage from a rather gypsy looking dude. The gypsy seems, however, to be more interested in massaging the boy’s anus than his back and it has the predictable result. The dark haired man rolls over and proffers his totally erect python to his gypsy masseur. A little stroking and sucking later, we find the customer now returning the favor and a very happy gypsy. Despite that, the gypsy would like a little bigger tip than that and takes the customer’s bum as payment, bang six ways from Saturday before pumping out a mediocre weight and then licking the customer’s bollocks while the guy pulls his own python also.

The pool episode. A couple friends spend the day at the local pool. When they’ve had sufficient swimming the two head off to the changing rooms. They kiss gingerly and the attraction heats up. We next find the dark haired lad bang his blonde comrade amongst the towels. The golden-haired friend also sucks his man and rims him before they stand there and jerk off all over each one more.

The final episode is a solo by one more maiden from Private Times. Clad only in a black singlet, this kid pumps his manmeat and pumps his penis ’till he unleashes the orgasmic equivalent of the pleasant flood……..

This film is a keeper and definitely worth owning. The guys are the usual A&F kind of next door dudes we all like to see. Seeing them doing it and seeing them like what they’re doing just makes it all the greater

Movie quality: DVD RIP
Film Format: AVI
Film Codec: XviD
Soundtrack Codec: MP3
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 500 Kbt p/s, 720 x 480 (1.500) at 30.000 frm per/s
Audio: MPEG Soundtrack at 128 Kb per/sec, 2 ch, 44,1 khz

Hammer Entertainment - Hammer Boys 4 Gay Movie

Video clip size: 1.1 GB

Hammer Entertainment - Hammer Boys 4 Gay Movie