Size Talks (1989) DVDRip

Size Talks (1989) DVDRip Gay Movie

Produced in: 1989
Country: USA
Genre: All Sex, Asshole, Oral pleasure, Classic
Duration: 01:27:35
Director: Ronnie Shark

Dick Masters, Leigh Erickson, Todd Martin, Scott Avery, Bob Lowe, Ray Dickinson, Bennie White, Butch Taylor, Fred Schaeffer, Les Stine, Jack Lofton

Manmeat Masters narrates the movie, he takes his penis out during episode 1 and keeps jerking off throughout; he reaches apex between scenes 3 & 4.
NB: The same narrative trick, of a masturbating peeping Tom introducing a series of sex stories till the arrival of a visitor enables him to accept a piece of the activity himself, was used rather more successfully in Tyger Tales. Here, the narration and the ensuing episodes don’t quite match (that’s particularly real of the 3way) and the narrator’s repeatedly insisting “That was horny!” after each episode grows more and more embarrassing, as the movies progresses. Among the most frustrating things, the videographer’s frequent decapitating of his models leaves the viewer with mere headless thoraxes.
1. Les Stine OgrAbt, Jack Lofton OgrAbt
2. Scott Avery OgrAb and one unidentified performer: Ogr At.
3. Dirk Matthews OgrAb, Bob Lowe OgrAt and one unidentified performer: Ogr Atb.
4. Todd Martin OgrAt, Leigh Erickson OgrAb
5. Manmeat Masters (white) OgrAtRg, Butch Taylor OgrAbRr

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Size Talks (1989) DVDRip Gay Movie

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Size Talks (1989) DVDRip Gay Movie