Hot Cops 2

Hot Cops 2 Gay Movie

Year: 1996
Country: Added States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral job, Uniforms, Carousalspree Scene, Threesome, Muscle, Classic

Actors: Brandon Reevet, Rex Baldwin, B.J. Slater, York Powers, Dino Phillips, Jeff Austin, Shawn Justin, Kyle Brandon, Tanner Reeves, Karl Radford
Description: Reporter Jeff Austin interviews officers Slater, Powers, Baldwin and Brandon about some of their men-on-men experiences while a member of the force. And those stories will amaze you as we learn that within the ranks of these buddies in blue lies the hidden passions of flesh lust! While conducting the interviews, reporter Austin accepts the blunt end of more than one of these officers “pistols”. Proving that police brutality was never like this. This time they’ve gone too far – it’s two hours of sexual cop performance slammin ‘your way.
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Hot Cops 2 Gay Movie