[COAT KURATATSU] Spray – Shibuki.04

[COAT KURATATSU] Spray - Shibuki.04 Asian Gays
Release Year: 2007
Movie language: Japanese

Kuratatsu’s Shibuki 4 is very delightful and enjoyable. There were 11 scenes in total. Three episodes had more than one model, and the rest had one model. The people seen on the cover only had JO scenes, with the exception of the suit-guy in the small round photo. He and another bloke both had sex episodes (see back cover, he was from "Power Grip PG81" and the other fellow was from "Discovery 5". The Discovery 5 episode was shot in a hotel room, where the youthful gink had sex with a dark-glassed staff, and was fucked. It was quite a natural episode, and they enjoyed the sex. Power Grip PG81 was very memorable, for another motives. The teenage fellow was approached in a shopping mall and was asked by a Coat staff to be a model. He was with his girlfriend or wife at that time, and he just laughed it off. In spite of that he came back later to the video-making studio, and dressed as a cop. He was filmed doing some cop-and-robber poses outdoor, and then in the video-making studio, he did cop-and-robber with another unprofessional acting as the thief who was handcuffed. The cop fulfilled all our uniform fantasies about being fucked by a cop, also as fuck a cop!

Video clip size: 1.8 GB

[COAT KURATATSU] Spray - Shibuki.04 Asian Gays