Revved Up (1999)

Revved Up (1999) Gay Movie

Year: 1999
Country: Hungary
Genre: Gay Adult, Hungary, Plot Based, Anal, Blowjob, Threesome, Muscle
Duration: 01:18:43
Director: Marc Fredrics, Matt Sterling
Studio: Matt Sterling International, Massive Movie
Starring: Ian Chessler, Colby Tavers, Zoltan Nikol, Jorge Promov, Helmut Pradi, Toby Scholtz, Serge Evenoff, Kurt Trivana, Zoli Manetz, Istvan Kurikov, Horst Boltanyi

Introducing sensational newcomer, Ian Chessler, in a triple X-rated thriller that’s a hard-driving sexy adventure filmed wholly in Hungary. Super-hung Ian, and 10 other uncut hot hunks, take on one another in a no-holeds-barred exploration of their manhood. Driven by the raging lustful hunger ordinary of teenaged males, Revved Up delivers all the rousing, unceasing performance in a very enormous way.

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Revved Up (1999) Gay Movie

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Revved Up (1999) Gay Movie