[COAT KURATATSU] The New Covered 2

[COAT KURATATSU] The New Covered 2 Asian Gays
Release Year: 2007
Movie language: Japanese

The previous "The New Covered 1" scored 4 bestvid points and this one had none, so one doesn’t know what to expect from this series. The compilation last time was mainly two perfect models each owning half of the film, much like two short Complete Video clips put together. This compilation bears no resemblance to the previous one, and it has 5 episodes, of athletes or young boys jerking off jointly. Four scenes were taken from Power Grip over the years (PG29, PG57, PG73, PG86), and the last episode was from Out Staff 12. I have only watched 3 of these scenes before, the others were indeed very aged and rare scenes. It would seem that most groups here consisted of straight dudes, at least on the surface. The Out Staff guys were 5 soccer players, who JO’d for the movie cam in the changing room after their practice. PG29 also had athletes and bore the title of "Athletes Standard Year-End Wild Revel", while the more recent PG73 "Pornography All Stars" had a company of 10 ne’er-do-well long-hair night-prowlers who were not athletes. They were filmed while frequenting a sauna in Shibuya, being the standard classy night-life type of sauna. PG86 "Platinum Egg" had 4 straight friends in a hotel room who were bold to do some experimenting, such as a mock daisy-chaining, and some self-dildoing. But PG57 "Elder Brothers" featuring 4 companions who were probably gays, since they were all quite liberal in taking cum-shots into their oral cavities without wincing.

Video clip size: 846.6 MB

[COAT KURATATSU] The New Covered 2 Asian Gays