Reform School Confidential

Reform School Confidential Gay Movie
Release Year: 1997
Studio: All Worlds Movie
Featuring: Kyle McKenna, Brent Cross, Tommy Hart, Kristian Brooks, Jack Simmons, Sam Dixon, Mack Reynolds, John Ross, Christopher Zale, Ethan Marc, David York, Peter Wilder, Brian Daniels, Jeremy Lee, Jackson Phillips
Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral-stimulation, Bottom Play, Penalty, Fetish, Debauchery Episode, Muscle, Humor
Film language: English

The nice (late) beauty flesh booty fellow Kyle McKenna stars in Reform College Confidential, in one of this reviewer’s favourite movies of the star. The premise involves the asshole prostitute getting snagged for stealing, and being sent to the titular school. Yeah, it’s been done before in countless another flicks, but administrator Cross uses not only a terrific cast, but some wildly inventive, funny, and unquestionably rousing reasons and tactics to receive his cast – and the viewer – insane with a hard-on.
The flick’s best scene by far has cover model Kyle acquiring a medical test from doctor Jackson Phillips (since when do doctors slobber over and sniff boots?) that comprises gut and pec punching, teat and ball twisting and an wicked booty pummeling. (That’s one HMO I’d attach in a heartbeat.) There’s more, including a quite amusing food encounter that turns into a group scene, and Mack and David first loving Kyle with a broom handle, and then fuck the living crap out of him.
Kyle was one of superlative bums ever in my opinion (yes – I think greater than the worshiped Mr. Stefano), not to mention drop-dead pretty. This is one of his best roles. The last thing you should to do with Reform College Confidential is keep it to yourself. Get it, get a fuck-buddy over pronto and prepare to accept weak.

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Reform School Confidential Gay Movie
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Reform School Confidential Gay Movie