Doggy Training

Doggy Training Gay BDSM

Army PT instructors Mike and Maurice fancy training Tattoo as a dog but he is useless. It’s clear from the outset that this ass makes an embarrassingly woeful dog so the tops firmly strap an electroshock collar onto its neck. Made to roll this way and that by the brutal tops the buttocks is so traumatised that when told to spit on Master Mo’s boot nothing comes out. To prove how easy it is for tops to spit both Masters gob into Tattoo’s tormented face.

After this the Masters aren’t sure that their new dog is happy so they insert a dogtail buttplug up the pussy so he can waggle his tail joyfully. Then it’s time for embarrassing dog tricks which prove too much for Tattoo’s simple head. Master Mike binds up the bottom’s arms so he has to walk on his elbows. Doggy Tattoo learns how to present himself at a dog show. Crawling around uncovered with his collar and leash on and his dog tail wagging happily from his stretched arsehole.

Awkward as crawling is for Tattoo, Master Mike unites to his misery by tying his legs so he has to walk on his knees. As a reward for crawling uncomfortably around he receives to have fun the doggy greeting – sniffing Master Mike’s arse while Master Mo crushes his head against it with his crotch.

The nastiness becomes even worse when the frisbee comes out and doggy has to catch it or get shocked. Then it’s even more disgracing when a good-looking squeaking toy is thrown around and doggy had greater receive it speedily or else! A filthy cropping keeps doggy in line especially when the fool uses his hands as an alternative of his teeth to retrieve it. Anyone would think he loves to be chastised! That can be the only reason why he fails to answer when Master Mo asks doggy if he’s starving. Big mistake. Tattoo is punished so much he becomes a completely pathetic wreck.

After doggy Tattoo begs for it Master Mike dumps some dog food into his doggy bowl which the asshole has to lap up. Master Mo wickedly unites his own ingredient to the grub- a bucket burden of piss fresh from his dick. The propitious ass has his food and drink combined! One more drinking bowl comes out and Master Mike fills that one with his piss. Doggy has plenty to eat and drink now.

When doggy spills most of the lovely piss no one can argue when Mike beats his dog and calls him a “shit dog”. The pathetic Doggy’s earned himself a face full of his Master’s gob for his pathetic display.

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Doggy Training Gay BDSM

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Doggy Training Gay BDSM