Ivy Blues (1985)

Ivy Blues (1985) Gay Movie

Year: 1985
Genre: Plot Based, Bum, Oral pleasure, Solo, Vintage, Kissing, Barebacked, Pre-Condom, Hirsute
Duration: 01:20:35
Director: Mark Steele
Studio: Laguna Pacific, Catalina
Featuring: Ricky Turner, Michael Mann, Dave Martin, Jamie Bleu, Shane Michaels, Jeff Bentley, Erich Lange, Brett Hughes

Rich kid Andrew, Ricky Turner, and his are out of school on summer break taking individual studies in buddy sex.

Episode 1. Ricky Turner, Shane Michaels (80s). Andrew, Ricky Parker, arrives home and is picked up by his chauffeur, Shane Michaels. Falling asleep Andrew dreams of acquiring working cock down his throat and between his cheeks while the two are in the back seat.
Scene 2. Shane Michaels (80s), Jamie Bleu Shane picks up Jamie Bleu at the train station and takes him to a hotel room. Shane sucks Jamie. Then they 69 till Shane reverts to top and plows bottom.
Scene 3. Erich Lange Classmate Erich Lange is on a trip in Europe. Pent up hot tension has him jacking off in the shower.
Scene 4. Erich Lange, Brett Hughes (80s) When Erich comes out into his room, he finds that Brett Huges has been booked and let into the same room. They decide to share the room and the newcomer goes to sleep buck naked. Erich goes out and returns but comes to a decision to suck on the unguarded sleeping prick. After some protests, the sleeper agrees to go with the flow. Erich acquires his buttocks tongue prepped and doggie banged.
Episode 5. Jeff Bentley, Dave Martin Shane tells a story about Dave Martin taking the car to the shop. Dave spills water on mechanic Jeff Bentley. Helping Jeff out of his clothes he sneaks Jeff’s python into his muzzle. Dave ends up on a armchair taking a fuck face up and face down.
Episode 6. Michael Mann, Shane Michaels (80s), Ricky Turner Andrew accepts Shane to essay on underwear that Andrew bought for him. The underwear doesn’t stay on long because it accepts in the way of Andrews wet kisser. Andrew’s brother, Michael Mann, catches the two in the act. Andrew, then, has to take both of them on.

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Ivy Blues (1985) Gay Movie

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Ivy Blues (1985) Gay Movie