Terry (20th October 2010)

Terry (20th October 2010) Gay BDSM

Produced in: 20th October 2010
Duration: 30 min 05 sec
Name: Modelling dreams forgotten as he’s tied up and gagged, then uncovered, groped, flogged, and stired off against his will…

I knew the gullible wannabe model would turn up at my warehouse, his craving for cash and fame over-riding his ordinar sense – namely, not to go alone into an unfamiliar private place with a stranger.

When Terry sees my cheap photography props, the dumb gink is easily convinced my ‘model scouting’ is legit, as I run him through a few ego-fluffing basic poses. And luckily for me, Terry is all beauty, no brains. I easily segue from snapping portraits, to “posing with some rope”. The stupid buddy lets me bind his wrists up, convinced by my offhand assurances that it’s “all the rage in Paris.”

With Terry posing on his knees, no doubt imagining himself the noble object of lust to a hundred dolls, I approach from behind and slip a ballgag into his kisser before he can even protest. My manmeat hardens as his face betrays his worry – he’s no longer feeling like he’s in control of events. When I insist on tying his arms above his head, it’s obvious his comfort zone is totally breached. I turn on him. I rub my throbbing dick against Terry’s body, groping him through his clothes, slapping him when he tries to groan for help through his gag.

I yank his pants down, tear his shirt open and right off his skin. Terry’s dick is huge, and I greedily reach out and grab it, stretching his balls, sniffing his heady masculine scent. As Terry struggles and weeps into his gag, to no avail, I yank open his constricting arse cheeks, and display his pristine straight arsehole – my prying fingers working their way into his crack, the first chap to touch him in such an invasive way.

The sight of Terry’s undressed body is driving me wild. I grab a flogger and thrash him over and over one more time, my python stiffening at the streaks of red appearing up and down his amazing skin. Whipping him front and back, his torso, his arse, his abs and his shoulders all get a taste of the lash, making him an attractive glowing shade of pink.

After cruelly slapping and pinching his firm melons, I clamp the cunt’s hypersensitive, reddened nipples, I am beyond sexy. This straight vulva is all mine, and I’m going to enjoy his body in deliciously disgracing ways. I start out by making him endure a snog through the ballgag, my tented crotch pressed up against his stripped skin. Terry’s disgust at this intimate violation is satisfyingly evident on his face, and he thinks that’s as wretched as it gets… until I start out wanking him off.

To have another man obtain his penis serious and jerk him off against his will is probably one of this heterosexual stud’s worst nightmares. His prick responds nicely to the stimulation, and despite the united trauma of my invasive kisses and cuddles, he’s soon panting as I spank him off, his manmeat growing larger and larger as he involuntarily gets closer to climax. In conclusion, he squirts, his sexual cum shooting across the room, leaving the head of his python slimy with juices. I pull out the gag and thrust my semen covered fingers into Terry’s muzzle, making him choke in revulsion, then carry on to torment his touchy manmeat head, scloving my fingers around it and slapping it hard, making him writhe in agony.

Perhaps Terry thinks I’ve stopped with him now. But for a dude this good-looking, it would be a waste to finish here. This is just the beginning.

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Terry (20th October 2010) Gay BDSM

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Terry (20th October 2010) Gay BDSM