Mikhail (21st November 2007)

Mikhail (21st November 2007) Gay BDSM

Produced in: 21st November 2007
Duration: 7min 52sec
Name: Mikhail – 4 of 5. Collared on all fours, banged in arse and kisser, then spitroasted and facefucked ’till he gags…

Now our street rat has had his backdoor bashed in by our fuck machine, it’s time to get our penes wet. I make him crawl on his hands and knees and spread his arse wide to examine his susceptive, twitching cavity.

This man in fact hates sucking dick, so I take amazing pleasure in shoving it all the way down his throat when he tries to avoid using his lips and tongue for my delight. When my cock’s outstanding and wet, I slide it into his constricting straight arsehole and give him a hard pounding, making him slide to the floor and bite his own hand in agony.

The actual entertainment comes, however, when Del takes charge of his face and we roughly spitroast the lad, choking him on his leash and ramming our dicks into both hollows quick and serious. We swap ends, slapping his arse and whacking our cocks in his face, which is wet with tears and spit.

The Polish teenaged struggles to pull away as I cram my cock all the way down his throat and facefuck him, but our strong hands hold him in location and order him to bang take it. Unable to breathe, gagging so maximum he’s almost vomiting, the buddy collapses on the floor, vibrating and sobbing.
This homosexual violation will be with Mikhail for existence. “I like womens…” he plaintively wails in broken English, as we march out to prepare his final torture…

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Mikhail (21st November 2007) Gay BDSM

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Mikhail (21st November 2007) Gay BDSM