Mo (22nd October 2008)

Mo (22nd October 2008) Gay BDSM

Produced in: 22nd October 2008
Duration: 12 minutes 52 sec
Name: Tied up ‘as stunt practice’, groped and unclothed, punched, flogged, made to masturbate me, fingerfucked and teat pegged…

Presently after we’ve told him of our stunt training project, conceited straight Maurice turns up on our doorstep, brazenly assuming we’ll give him work just because he can do a couple of gymnastic moves. But I’m not impressed.
What we in fact need to know, I tell him, is that he can get free from ‘simple rope ties’. He falls for it… within minutes we’ve got him trussed up tensely – and as we begin to utmostly invade his personal space, he’s acquiring more uncomfortable by the second.

As Stan feels up his muscular chest, I take a pair of scissors and without ceremony, begin cutting off his shirt. It’s slowly dawning on Mo that this isn’t a stunt, it’s not a game, we’re not going to let him free. And as we maul his nipples and grope his dick, he starts to realise that we might not truly be straight after all.

But all his struggling and crying for help gets Mo nowhere. I punch him in the guts before taking a flogger to his pale Scottish flesh, each hit making him tied forward and grunt in helpless anger and discomfort. I yank his pants up high to display his firm round butt for Stan to hit too, before stripping him completely uncovered and toying with his thick, fierce cock and bollocks.

By now, Mo’s in erebus, willing to do anything to make the pain and undressed embarrassment stop. He has to do whatever he’s told, even wanking my manmeat through my jeans, following my verbal orders to run his hands up and down my shaft and make it feel fucking fine. It’s obvious he’s never touched a penis before in his life, so I help motivate him by wrenching his ears back while giving him more commands.

Now I’ve got an aching hardon, and I just want to receive my hands on that stern little virgin arse of his. We bend him over, spread his creamy cheeks, and I ram my finger straight into his hole, giving him a long, harsh fingerfucking as he moans the place down, howling for help at the top of his voice. But we’ve scarcely even got started punishing this swaggering straight twat yet… there’s far worse to come.

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Mo (22nd October 2008) Gay BDSM

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Mo (22nd October 2008) Gay BDSM