Harry (13th August 2008)

Harry (13th August 2008) Gay BDSM

Produced in: 13th August 2008
Duration: 12 min 48 sec
Name: Turned into a dog, shocked with an electric collar, trained to fetch, ordered to lick feet, then made to eat a can of dog food…

As we get him out of his cramped cage, Harry’s too stiff and sore from his earlier flogging to fight us off as we snare him with animal catchpoles and pin him to the floor.
Stan straps on our latest and most nefarious device yet – an electric dog training collar. Harry swears as we order him around, so I press my remote control and jolt him with a voltage strong enough to make him chained forward out of his skin as he’s subjected to the sharp shock of aching. He claws at his neck, but has no way of removing the collar, and the more he fights, the more I electrocute him.

After that taste of punishment, our new pet is unhopedly a lot more dutiful. He cringes and yelps in agony as we ram a large puppy tail buttplug up his virgin cavity. Then we send him laboriously to and fro on all fours, fetching a squeaky toy for us.
But the lazy shitbag just can’t go rapid adequate for our liking, and I have to crack him serious with my belt, in between a series of increasingly powerful electric shocks.

When I tell Harry to lick my hand like an affectionate doggie, his face is a pic of digsust and he shies away. It’s obvious this straight fellow is repulsed at touching things with his kisser.
So I drag the unhappy bitchboy over to Stan’s bare feet and order him to lick his feet – making sure his tongue is right out, as I steer his unwilling head back and forth over Stan’s toes and soles. When I cram his oral cavity over the huge toe, Harry actually gags and heaves, almost throwing up as he fully appreciates what’s going into his mouth.

But licking Stan’s feet is nothing compared to what we have in store for Harry next. As he watches in disbelief, I slop a can of dogfood into a dish and order him to eat it. Harry retches as he catches a whiff of the stinking meat, reeling back in horror. But we grab his hair and stick in his face right into the slimy dog food, using our fingers to cram the beef chunks right into his oral cavity as he gags and convulses in utter revulsion.

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Harry (13th August 2008) Gay BDSM

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Harry (13th August 2008) Gay BDSM