Southbay Buddies – Southbay Boys (1986) DVDRip

Southbay Buddies - Southbay Boys (1986) DVDRip Gay Movie

Produced in: 1986
Country: USA
Genre: Plot Based, Bottom, Oral sex, Vintage
Duration: 01:27:49
Director: Larry Bronco

Keith Lowe, Chad Reeves, Sven Oleson, Keith Dillon, Ricky Rhodes, Scott Aaron, Eric Penn, Kelly Morgan

he emphasis in this somtetimes steamy/sometimes tepid pre-condom Avalon/YMAC Film manufacturing is on bronzed blondes – teenaged, smooth, tanned and sensual. Eight youthful fellows spend their summer in situations that would warm the python and cockles of most hearts and loins. Sprinkled throughout the action are some excellent jerk-off episodes with some real youngish California-style maids, some massive burdens let loose… and some in fact terrifying mid-80s hair-don’ts.
The sound is so-so, and not every one of these guys is exactly what we’d term “a looker”. (Some are downright mangy.) Still, the movie is perfect adequate for some repeat whack-offs, and fans of blondie dudes will most likely walk away quite happy.

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Southbay Buddies - Southbay Boys (1986) DVDRip Gay Movie

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Southbay Buddies - Southbay Boys (1986) DVDRip Gay Movie