Daryl (26th March 2008)

Daryl (26th March 2008) Gay BDSM

Produced in: 26th March 2008
Duration: 10 min 32 sec
Name: Strung up in rope bondage and rigorously beaten, whipped, paddled and strapped…

Daryl’s arse has already taken quite a spanking, but his response to pain is so appetizing, my throbbing cock just tells me to chastise him till he breaks.

I’ve put him in some very uncomfortable and awkward cord bondage, so he can’t keep his balance, and has to stagger around or swing in the air, unable to protect his taut arse from my blows. As he starts out to discover the largeness of his helplessness, I give him a long, firm hand caning, feeling his arse heating up with every hit.

The straight gink actually starts out crying the place down when I milkers out the first whip. Daryl’s doing his best to wriggle away from the whacks, but my flexible, filthy crop can sting his arse even when he’s facing me. After a few blows, his cheeks are glowing red from the disgrace, and each strike with the whip makes his whole skin tense up and fly into the air with discomfort.

By the time I begin birching the shit out of him with a heavy wooden paddle, Daryl is bellowing for help, pleading for me to stop, even swearing at me, calling me the most obscene names a excellent bridegroom like him can muster. None of it works – the more he curses, the stronger and faster I hit him. Arrogant, sexual straight men like Daryl have to be instructed a lesson in manners.

As a finale, I grab the severe jail strap and brandish it in front of Daryl’s face with menace, ordering him to stand still. Then I give the sobbing boy a series of smacks he won’t forget in a hurry… this boy’s going to be bruised to fuck.

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Daryl (26th March 2008) Gay BDSM

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Daryl (26th March 2008) Gay BDSM