Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction Gay Movie

Manufacturing year: 1996
Genre: Plot Based, Oral sex, Oral job / Bottom Sex, gym, erotica
Length: 1:18:00
Edited by: MIKE ESSER
Studio: Bel Ami & Pride Video
Starring: Johan Paulik, Kristian Jensen, Erik Kovac, Pavol Melis, Daniel Valent, Martin Valko, Alan Greksa, Mark Smirnov, Andrey Milic, Libor Kamenski.

An unusually cute video with Johan Paulik – one of the most successful and fine-looking actors legendary film studio Bel Ami. In the course of performance film hero Johan will just endeavour to still forbidden fruit for themselves – the fruit of same-sex love.
Visiting for the first time a gay bar, but stops his gaze on the fine-looking Barmen, which is closer to the end of the film with him and held the first in the life of a successful appetizing experiment. The film is fantastically beautiful. Something to capture the structure is similar to the whole world already is familiar with a gay TV series Queer As Folk.
This vibrant and really charming rousing not let herself even Bel Ami. Music tracks are matched to the film very well. The energy of passion here gushes over the edge. In Johan Paulik in the movie were filmed and other actors who later became widely izvetnost already working specifically on the film studio Bel Ami.
By the way, why are there so many states Bel Ami, because the video took Dignity? Yes because the casting for the film is spent Bel Ami commissioned Respect! Exquisite sensual!

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Chain Reaction Gay Movie