AMG Brasil – Amazonia : Capture

AMG Brasil - Amazonia : Capture Gay Movie

Deep in the Amazon jungle, tribes of muscled Indian ginks have kept ancient rituals alive long before white bloke ever set foot on their country. When lost Buckshot Guy Danny Roddick stumbles upon the tribe, he upsets the natural order of their ways. He is rapidly captured and silenced in order to protect the sacred secrets of the Amazon. It’s not long before Danny realizes that the natives are not only restless, they are sexy as hades, and they have it out for him.

Scene 1: The episode opens with Buckshot Gink Danny Roddick chained to a tall bamboo shoot. Roddick, wholly unclothed and scared for his existence, wriggles and writhes trying his best to escape his captors. Ricardo On’a, an angry Amazon Indian director, stands over the terrified white buddy taunting him with his raging fierce manmeat. He slaps him repeatedly both with his cock and with his hand before forcing Danny to swallow it complete. He rams his cock so far inside, Danny can scarcely keep from choking. After Danny has taken a adequate caning Ricardo cums on his face. Using his loin cloth as a cum rag, he cleans off his own penis and throws the soiled rag in Danny’s face. He leaves Danny, scared and confused, to endure.

Scene 2: Newcomer Rick Ferraz and Renzo Castelli (Fazenda), two Amazon Indians, go in search of water for their manager (Ricardo On’a). While collecting water, Renzo takes his gourd and pours it on Rick, playfully splashing his ripped abs. Within min their horseplay has turned to foreplay as Renzo takes Rick’s billy club in his oral cavity. Though Rick’s python is a beast, Renzo is in readiness by the time it reaches his anal and his eager hollow opens for a solid pounding

Scene 3: Meanwhile, a new Indian comes across Danny and sneaks up quietly. At first Danny is weary, but the Indian, Tanto (Leandro Caruso, Fazenda), proves to be a more compassionate sort. He unties Danny from the tree and takes him to a more secluded space. Once there, he makes Danny drop to his knees and take him in his muzzle, but something is a number of. Danny is no longer scared, but excited. Tanto eventually unties Danny’s hands and slides his suety python inside of his hot cavity as they stand on a bed of banana leaves. After the two shoot their loads, Tanto hands Danny the key to his escape – a map that leads back to the township.

Scene 4: Danny sets off in a sprint, bobbing and weaving through the thick vegetation of the Amazon. As he makes his way back to safety, he comes across a couple of soldiers, taking a break from duty and ducks behind a nearby tree. Yago Mendo- a (Carioca: Sarado) is on his knees and Rick Montoro (Suruba: Tropicus) has his gargantuan dick stuffed in a makeshift glory hole drilled into a banana tree. Roddick is slowly stroking his manmeat when a machete comes flying toward his head.

The knife hits the tree in front of him, and a third soldier disrobes, leaving his dog tags to hang on the machete. Regis Rodrigues (G’meos), the third soldier, approaches and he and Rick lay Yago flat on a boulder. They fill him on either end fucking his stern little frame ’till they all cum. Before they can finish, Danny has stolen the machete, wrapping it in the chiefs discarded loincloth along with the map to freedom.

Episode 5: Danny runs on. Disoriented from the excitement, he loses his way. He stops momentarily to piss and gather his thoughts and runs on. As he is running, he trips in a thicket of wild flowers and clovers. He pulls himself up and notices something in the brush. He holds a bullhorn connected to a runtime of rope in the air, and wonders aloud to its purpose.

The episode flashes back to the Boss (Ricardo On’a). the bullhorn sheathing his large member, standing over yet another captive white lad. The bloke, Alex Tentor (Para’so), cries out as the Chief laughs maniacally holding a gourd above his head. He lowers the gourd and pours the blue contents into Tentor’s muzzle. He attempts to resist but the liquid fills his oral cavity. Tentor starts out to hallucinate. On’a prolongs his ritual chanting to the Gods of the Amazon and bang his intoxicated prisoner senseless. After the ritual, On’a leads Tentor back to the camp where he will be held till the next sacrifice.

Actors: Danny Roddick Ricardo On’a Alex Tentor Renzo Castelli Rick Ferraz Leandro Caruso Yago Mendo’a Rick Montoro Regis Rodrigues
Studio: AMG Brasil

Length : 01:46:41
Resolution : 640×352
Movie : MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5), 1 203 Kbps, 29.970 frames p/s

AMG Brasil - Amazonia : Capture Gay Movie

File size: 1.0 GB

AMG Brasil - Amazonia : Capture Gay Movie