Boytropolis 2 (1996)

Boytropolis 2 (1996) Gay Movie

Produced in: 1996
Country: Germany
Genre: oral, bottom, solo, union sex
Duration: 01:25
Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt

Lukas Ridgeston, Peter Host, K. Karlson, P. Fortunate, R. Beats, M. Brody, P. Le Light-haired, S. Braun, P. Mar, P. River, J. V. Huig, H. Fischer, M. Brundel

Episode 2 as well features Bel Ami superstar Lukas Ridgeston’s first on-camera appearance. Boytropolis is quite a coup for Man’s Best, as it showcases for the first time the teenaged – yet still decidedly gorgeous – hunk of python. In this two-part fantasy, neither his face nor flesh were quite as jaw-droppingly sculpted as they became a few years later once he started working for chief George Duroy. But he’s still cute to gaze at, and fans will drool like babies.

Though little more than window dressing in Part One, here Lukas at the last moment does what he does best (besides just looking outstanding sufficient to eat). His first scene (which seemed suspiciously culled from Video-making studio Fantasies, IMHO) consists of a scantily-clad Lukas bumping and grinding for the cast go-go style, working his meat to expulsion.

One more scenes carry on where Scene One left off, including a fuck-n-suck in the back of a store room, main cast members Lukas and Peter in a mutual jack-and-suck session (fortunate Peter is the first gink on-camera to take Lukas’ love parade in the face), and more gropingly rousing fucks, other time mostly without contraceptives. The “plot” is absurd (an elixir is consumed to keep one feeling erotic and young), but if you’re made it this far you’re a fan and won’t care.

Trivia buffs may care about this however: That cover shot of Lukas is from the now out-of-print Enormous Movie title A Man’s World; either that or it was snagged from to other place. I hate it when studios recycle images and think us viewers won’t remember. For that little bit of shadiness Man’s Best obtains a big ol’ middle finger from me.

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Audio: Audio: 44.100 khz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~192.00 Kbt p/s avrg

Boytropolis 2 (1996) Gay Movie

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Boytropolis 2 (1996) Gay Movie