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Release Year: 2012
Genres: bi Anal/Oral/Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Gathering, Cunnilingus, anilingus, Fingering, Cumshots, Muscle,
Video language: English

We’ve had boyfriend/girlfriend combos in a tag team and teasing situation before. But I don’t think we’ve had anything quite like this! Chase and Olivia are engaged and may be the horniest couple I’ve ever seen. They say can’t think of anything they don’t do. I believe it! Their engagement, in spite of that, made Cameron extremely nervous. He’d never done anything like this before … fucking both members of a couple in front of each another. Even although Chase and Olivia assured him they wanted him to fucking them both, Cameron’s awkwardness and anxiety was evident. Olivia kisses Cameron. He gets over his nerves pretty swiftly as he kisses her and feels her bust. Cameron tells Chase to come over and “get me going” while Olivia receives her bra off. Cameron and Chase kiss. Chase and Olivia both rub Cameron’s crotch through his jeans. Chase sits back, rubbing his own dick, as he watches Cameron kiss Olivia’s bust. Cameron pulls off Olivia’s panties and eats out her bush. Chase strokes his dick as he watched Olivia blow Cameron. Olivia deepthroats Cameron’s manmeat. Chase asks if she’s doing a nice job. “Yes sir,” Cameron smiles. Olivia asks Chase if he thinks he can do greater.He’s not sure, but she says to give it a essay. Chase sucks Cameron’s cock while Olivia rubs his legs. Cameron strokes Chase’s manmeat while Olivia works on his balls and Chase blows him. Cameron loves being the center of attention. Olivia tells Chase to accept Cameron good and wet for her. She climbs on top of his cock and rides him. She whimpers as Cameron pierces up into her. Chase jerks his own python as he watches his fiancee get nailed. He moves over to play with Cameron’s bollocks. Olivia grinds furiously on Cameron’s manmeat. She climbs off to let Chase taste Cameron’s manmeat, wet from her cunt. She gets on all fours. Cameron fucks her doggy-style. Cameron sucks Chase’s cock as Olivia pushes back against Cameron’s cock. Chase gets on all fours. Cameron fingers Chase’s anal while he’s fucking Olivia. Olivia helps by pulling Chase’s bum cheeks open for Cameron. Cameron tells Chase to look at himself in the mirror. Olivia says she desires to see Chase get fucked. Cameron sticks in his penis into Chase. Olivia kisses Cameron’s nipples while he bangs her admirer. Olivia holds her boyfriend’s legs up in the air so Cameron can fuck him deeper. Chase shoots a huge load that countries all over his upper body and stomach. Cameron pulls out and blasts his burden onto Chase, drenching him in cum. Olivia says that she craves to be finished off – and she wants cameraman Connor to do it! Connor grabs his handy “Connor cam” and jumps into bed. Chase watches as Connor films a close-up of Olivia blowing him. Connor eats Olivia out, then he stuffs his dick into her. He jackhammers her, grabbing her milkers. She bawls loudly. Chase strokes his manmeat, which is rock-hard other time. After Connor bangs her doggy-style, she sucks his enormous manmeat other time while she fingers herself. All this rousing activity makes Chase shoot other burden onto his stomach – and his first load isn’t even dry yet! Olivia climbs on top of Connor to ride him. She bounces up and down frantically and then squirts all over him! Connor keeps bang her. He pulls out and shoots his load. Four burdens and a squirt … this could be a new record!

Format: asf
Duration: 33:15
Video: 960×540, Wm Video 9, 2056kbps
Audio: 62kbps

pure bi sex Bisexuals pure bi sex Bisexuals
pure bi sex Bisexuals pure bi sex Bisexuals

pure bi sex Bisexuals
Video clip size: 517.6 MB

pure bi sex Bisexuals