Erron aka Jeremy Brent’s Shorts

Erron aka Jeremy Brent's Shorts Gay Clips

Release Year: 1970
Studio: Brent
Cast: Erron & Jeremy Brent
Genres: Loops, Muscle Men, Buttocks, Oral job, Posing, Masturbation, Solo, Vintage
Video language: English

1. Breakdown! – 1973 (00:09:46)
While cycling across the Arizona desert, TOM comes across LEDERMEISTER thumbing a ride. They hit it off – but amazing! As they’re tooling along, they come across ERRON, who’s had a bit of car trouble. He’s about to get a lot more, and that’s the set-up in BREAKDOWN. This is our fastest moving flick so far with a once-in-a-lifetime cast and a sock-o ending. If it’s rough, rugged action you want – BREAKDOWN!
2. Erron and Ledermeister – 1974 (00:08:17)
Continuing his check-out of the family album (via Olympus #2), Erron relives ‘that’ rough session with the huge powerhouse, Ledermeister. It all provides a fitting climax to All About Error, Part 1. As well included is some very candid ‘at home’ footage: he really open s up and turns it on!
3. It’s Erron – 1974 (00:26:34)
An erotic movie wherein the question “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” accept a new answer. It’s not so much what’s o the wall as what ends up o the mirror as Erron coats the glass with creamy evidence of self-love. But who can blame him? Photographed when Erron was at his physical peak, the sight of those tight muscles, smooth skin and that large, mushroom headed tool would turn anybody on. As you will see.
4. Swinging (Amazing Deeds) – 1978 (00:07:17)
Jeremy Brent, sunning undressed in a nice-looking garden-court setting, flashes back to an interlude with Target model Dak, develops a hardon as Jeff Cameron sneaks over the back fence, watches, then attaches Jeremy. The visitor is an older-appearing, macho-type, but not of ridiculous proportions, The love making (and it isn’t just sex) is slow and low key, in fantastic color, with beautiful photographic technique. A big swing, similar to the old-fashion porch glider is the site of much of the action.
5. Lovers (Laid Back) – 1978 (00:14:44)
Jeremy Brent and Bruno lie in the sun unitedly in an embrace beside a swimming pool. Bruno starts out to simulate Jeremy by hand, then they progress through fellatio actions to show Bruno mounting Jeremy to screw, Both then wank to climax, and then dive into the pool. Bruno is about 35, shaggy, with a very bulky build. Jeremy appears to be in his mid-twenties, is very well developed, but more natural appearing. The color is perfect, it is very well filmed, and paced simply and slowly.
6. The Happy Hiker (When Strangers Meet) – 1979 (00:15:49)
Don’t be fooled – it’s indeed Jeremy behind that newly obtained beard and we think it’s sensual. So apparently does Rod Mitchell, who welcomes this itinerant hiker with open arms, open legs and whatever else he can – and believe us, he can! Truly, both these hot-blooded youthful bucks are proficient at switch-hitting. Jeremy has never looked (or performed) better and Rod proves that he’s even more effective in action than he is standing still. And the activity in this movie is nonstop!

Erron aka Jeremy Brent's Shorts Gay Clips
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Erron aka Jeremy Brent's Shorts Gay Clips