Hungarian alpha males (18 rolls) (AlphaStuds – 2009) SiteRip

Hungarian alpha males (18 rolls) (AlphaStuds - 2009) SiteRip Gay Clips
Release Year: 2009
Studio: AlphaStuds
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Duets, Solo, Oral delight, Bottom, Onanism, Cumshots
Video language: English

Josef and Roland are a erotic muscle couple. They return home with a enormous envelope that they obtained in the mail. Roland opens the envelope and finds a T-Shirt. Joseph asks Roland to attempt it on. Turns out it fits his muscled flesh perfectly.
Joseph can’t take his hands off Roland and starts out to undress him and to venerate his rock heavy muscle skin. Both studs obtain all excited and drop their clothes for more muscle licking and manmeat sucking. They eat out each others smooth bottoms and then Joseph bangs Roland in the kitchen. Roland shoots a burden on Joseph’s torso and Joseph comes immediately after.

Hans Hoffmann is finest know German Musclemacho. When we visited Berlin, we desired to meet him and so we invited him to our appartment.

Hans Hoffmann as you haven´t seen before: Watch this powerfull Musclehunk posing nude, defenceless handcuffed with a mask, bounded under the shower.

Hans performed a perfect muscle worship in front of our movie cam und shows us his outstanding muscular and strong flesh.

Daniel and Frank are two sprayers always looking for new adventures. They find an abandoned factory, look for a clean wall and whip out their spray bottoms.

Frank decides to to tease Daniel and sprays all over his fresh artwork. Daniel is not amused and runs after Frank to give him a excellent spank. Frank slips and pulls his ankle. So Daniel eases Franks aching instead and soon they start making out. They forget all about the spray asses and whip out their pythons now. Frank gives Daniel a appetizing oral and then Daniel fucks Frank ’till they spray – again.

Goran and Frank are two partners who spend the Sunday afternoon outdoors They picked a quiet location for a nude picknick. Frank walks through the grass naked smelling the summer flowers and playing with his thrusted teats.

Meanwhile Goran prepares a water hooter and as Frank returns, he offers him a slice of the juicy fruit. Not before long they start playing with the refreshing slices of hooter, teasing their teats and making out. Frank starts to suck Goran. In return, he sweetens up Franks hole with breast juice and bangs him. At the last moment, both cum on the milker.

Lorenzo invites you to come to his home where he has a large suprise waiting for you. The tour begins in the bathroom where Lorenzo greets you half stripped.

Follow him in the bedroom … when unannouncedly he drops his underwear and unveils a whopping 10 inch long and butterball python. That is a actual fiend penis Lorenzo has.

He strokes his manmeat to full bigness and plays with himself. Watch him show off his whole muscled skin and stern bubble ass. Lorenzo works his giant meat and shoots a creamy white load for you.

David and Juri are flatmates. Juri takes a shower with the door open as the thinks he has the flat all for himself today – when suddenly David comes back home.

David sees Juri bared in the shower and obtains all lustful. He undresses and flexes his muscles in front of the mirror and starts out to jerk his penis.

Now Juri has stopped his shower and sees David posing. Juri walks over and gives David a oral. The heat goes up and they start a long and serious fuck session till they both come.

We met Adam Killian in Berlin at the rehearsals of the Hustlaball where he had a wrestling action. We talked for a while and decided to make a shooting with him the next day. During the day, we took Adam Killian for a ride through Berlin where he spent about half a year before and Adam showded us the town.
The next morning, Adam Killian woke up with a huge hard-on and Adam attempts to cool down, but it did not work. He took his computer and started some sexy webcam session till he shot a big burden over his head.

Fernando Nielsen works as a construction engineer. Today he needs to inspect an abandoned industry site that needs to be torn down. It’s a lustful summer day and Fernando gets all sweaty in his overall. He opens up his overall a bit to get some fresh air. Unforeseenly he acquires turned on by the idea of jacking off right here on the spot.

Fernando drops off all his clothes and walks around the building naked looking for cool spots to wank off. He finds a perfect spot high up on a staircase and jerks his python ’till he blows his big load. After the pressure is off, he can accept back to work.

On a sunny afternoon Peter takes his car to drive to a quiet forest to do some running. He obtains there and starts with a bit of stretching and bending to warm-up.
It’s actually too warm now so he tears off his t-shirt and reveals his sexual muscle thorax. Peter does some muscle flexing and then walks a bit deeper in the forest. He leans on a tree and takes out his dick. Before his running exercise, he needs some relief. He strokes his dick serious and harder while sliding his hands all over his defined body. After the pressure is off, he looks around to see if anybody is around. All alone he decides to do his running all bared.

Hungarian alpha males (18 rolls) (AlphaStuds - 2009) SiteRip Gay Clips
Total size: 3.0 GB in 18 video clips.

Hungarian alpha males (18 rolls) (AlphaStuds - 2009) SiteRip Gay Clips