Rascal Video – Live and Raw – The Movie

Rascal Video - Live and Raw - The Movie Gay Movie

Release Year: 2000
Studio: Channel 1 Releasing, Rascal Movie
Starring: Kyle Kennedy, Nino Bacci, Caesar, Logan Reed, Casey Williams, Tuck Johnson, Jason Hawke, Jackson Price, Michael Brandon, Hans Ebson, Eric Evans, Spike, Brent Banes, Nick Teen, Joey Davis
Director: Chi Chi LaRue

A behind-the-scenes look at director Chi Chi LaRue’s online sex site (Live and Raw) that features some of the biggest pornstars of the day (literally and figuratively). Here you’ll acquire to peek in on a whole bevy of others as they prep, preen and pound bum for your online pud-pulling pleasure.

In this XXX-rated goody bag, the unstoppable Madame LaRue gives us a spooge-laden peek behind the episodes of her roguish on-line smut site. For almost two hours, your favorite pornography playboys act out fan requests as they come over the Internet. There’s quite a bit here for the muscle fan, and unheraldedly, the foot fetishist. Wriggling toes and delicately curved arches make more than one appearance.

The video opens with the smooth extent of Caesar filling the screen. He’s your football player wet dream come to life, and he loves fellows! He’s shortly after linked by Bacci, who proceeds to eat Caesar’s cavernous crapper before going bottoms-up to take Caesar’s bowel-banger. Bacci growls and grunts like a wild boar in rut, but he overdoes it a bit, and it comes across as somewhat unrealistic. Nonetheless, it’s still a gorgeous steamy scene.

Foot fairies will wet their knickers over the next vignette, which features swarthy Johnson, whose sneering expressions and dagger-eyed looks are equal parts stimulating and absurd. When the episode starts out, he’s hideously contorted and slobbering all over his toes. After some spirited sock-sniffing, he turns the sock into a handy masturbatory tool. He then places his feet on either side of his mammoth doodle and starts out yanking. Eventually, all that fancy footwork becomes too much, and he pops his cork.

Next up is criminally adorable Ebson, whose Hispanic looks belie his Teutonic porno name. He’s teenage, smooth and uncut, and he plays with his oversized organ until his goopy boysperm refuses to remain inactive. We then go offsite to watch the aptly named Spike and newcomer Davis (who’s no slouch in the meat department himself) go at it. This is one of the film’s hottest episodes. The climax of the scene isn’t to be missed, when Spike shoots a veritable fountain of love-lava. Next, Kennedy and Reed do the do, taking turns orally and anally pleasuring each other.

The next episode is designed for the fan of muscle revere. Actual existence boyfriends Evans and Banes pose and flex for each another, showing you every pumped inch of their hirsute buff bodies. These fuzzy fellas are way into each one more and it shows. From bulging bi’s to globular glutes, no muscle remains unexplored. There’s no sucking or fucking, just lots of self and mutual admiration, ending with a jerk-off session.

Next up at bat are lanky Brandon and his huge hang-low. It takes two hands just to maneuver the fiend. He’s presently linked by Price, who starts out chomping. This gink must have no gag reflex, because he swallows it entire with the greatest of ease. Price ends up going for a ride on Brandon’s tool, which causes Brandon to shoot what appear to be several gallons of guy-gook.

In the next episode, Youthful manipulates his gigantic, curved foreskin-clad prod for your viewing pleasure. There’s more foot and sockplay here, in case you haven’t had adequate already. In a dirty twist, he dumps his junk on the sock and then stuffs it in his kisser. In the final scene, hunky cameraman Williams (who’s been running out from behindhand the camera and fluffing the performers throughout the movie) ends up double with Hawke. The two men have a swordfight before Williams positions his ripped flesh on Hawke’s piston and goes for a ride.

Though there’s a excellent variety of guys, the video caters to those who like their chaps post-twink but pre-Daddy. There are a few impish Gen-Y’ers in the mix, but the vast majority of the dudes are on the slippery side of 30.

Rascal Video - Live and Raw - The Movie Gay Movie

Rascal Video - Live and Raw - The Movie Gay Movie

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Duration: 01:53:19
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1269 Kbt p/s
Audio: 128 Kb p/s

Rascal Video - Live and Raw - The Movie Gay Movie

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Rascal Video - Live and Raw - The Movie Gay Movie