Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012)

Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM
Release Year: 2012
Cast: Esteban, Jean
Genres: Fetish

Esteban and Jean are delivered to the mercy of their masters and their clothes are torn from their bodies. Reluctantly they acquire a fellatio from the officer who fondles and touches his new boy-toys.
The room is cold and inhospitable. Esteban and Jean were put onto some sort of a metal scaffold with there hands restrained behindhand their bodies and their mouths gagged.
The officers hands run over their legs and hips. Their pants are down and only their undies cover their private parts. “OK, dudes, what are you going to do now? Who is going to help you?” Nikolay jokes, “Nobody! From now on you will be mine.” His appetizing eyes check out the defenseless guys.
“Mecko, Becko, come here. I need your assistance” he commands and the two soldiers enter the room. They were told to restrain the men to the bar on top of the scaffold and to strip search them. Becko enjoys this order and plays with Estebanґs tight little booty. Jean protests a lot with tears in his eyes as they drop his undies. Presently he is turned around by Nikolay who accurately inspects his wonderful anal.
Meanwhile Becko has taken over cute Esteban. He is in fact attracted by his looks. So boyish, so young. Sure he craves to give him a hard time. “Ok, woman, time to show us a little bit more…”. His strong hands rip the buddies shirt as he stumbles in terror and accepts his bottom spanked other time and one more time.
“Get out now” the officer commands. The soldiers have to leave the room as Nikolay craves to enjoy with his toy-boys on his own. He starts out to stroke their manmeats. Unthoughtly Esteban accepts erected. “Well, gink, you seem to like it…”. The man bashfully looks away from each another. Their humiliation carries on as Nikolay starts to suck them. He takes their juicy teenage penes deep into his kisser giving them a long blow job. “You little bastards seem to be hot as erebus…” the officer makes entertainment of them. “Wait, I have something very special for you in my pants…”

Format: Windows media
Duration: 16:04
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Audio: 187kbps

Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM
Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM

Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM
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Campers Part 2. Spanked (2012) Gay BDSM