Syn Gay Movie
Release Year: 2010
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Fetich Продолжительность: 00:52:49
Video language: English

21 year old Syn is back for a fourth visit. She’s a tough vixen with some strange phobias –like midgets and vacuum beds.

She starts her day sitting in a cage awaiting the setup of a vacuum bed. A bed she’s going to get sucked into and tortured in. Once things are set she’s removed from the cage and placed in the vac bed. Nearly without delay she starts to freak out about it. Telling me it’s too constricting before it has even had half the air removed. Then she’s worried about breathing in spite of the fact she has cavity right over her muzzle. Yeah, she’s starting to lose it. Meanwhile, I’m standing over her watching the latex conform to her skin thinking wow, her titties look pleasant. So I grab the Hitachi and location it on her vagina. After a few seconds I ask her if that helps any. She says: Is it supposed to help me? I guess that’s a no. She’s a little freaked out there in the bag. And we can see her in there moving around as the Hitachi hums away. The latex is now completely conformed to her figure. I mean explicitly. Intensely form fitting. We hear her breathing intense in there. Is that from the paranoia or the Hitachi? Occasionally she lets out something that’s a little more than a gasp. A rather desperate or needy soundtrack. She’s squirming in there. At least, as best as one can squirm when their plastered down inside a frame of latex. At one point she asked me to just hit her with something. Syn did not like the vac bed at all. She was rather disturb when she was let out.

Next Syn gets a standing strappado with her legs fixed outward. Once secured she gets her butt flogged. Syn likes it rough. So I give it to her. And after I flog that booty I see the addition of some pap clamps restrained off to the floor would make a worthy addition to her aching –for her need of pain. Now let’s see if she can remain still when I go to flog that anal. But before I do I tell her to ask me to do it. This is when things come to a halt because she doesn’t want to ask. When I tell her I have all day to wait she says she does too. Presumptuous. So I gag her with a ring gag as I wait. Well, it didn’t take too damn long for her to suck up her dignity and ask me to come over there and whip her. I mean, her position is rather challenging for her. So when she at last asked, through the ring gag, for the whipping, I made her beg. Another thing that didn’t take long was the removal of the teat squeezes chained off to the floor. Once I started to flog her vulva through her anal cheeks she pulled those off actual fast. And it wasn’t cute. She was all over the fuck location once those clips came off. I flogged that buttocks so maximum; once I was at her max she was falling forward on each stroke before being caught by the strappado holding her up. She was quite the little dancer. Once I was done with the flogger I let her rest a minute –but not before adding some new pap clips. Then I grabbed the paddle. I let her know I was going to have to actually paddle her severe. I mean harsh. I asked her if she was ready and she said "NO!" So I smacked that booty cheek with the paddle and stood back. I watched her. She was like in slow motion. Very little audio emanated from her. She just cringed. She sucked in the air and then just started to melt away. She started to lose her balance. You could just see the wave of discomfort wash over her and then deflate her. She desired to hit the floor with her flesh but she couldn’t. We still weren’t done with her yet. I grabbed the riding crop next and began to work her backside over. Slowly and then harder. Until she started to become vocal. She tried to stand fully up. She danced around. When I stopped she was hardly able to stand. Her position becoming more and more difficult to maintain. Clearly she craves to sit or stand and not be caught in-between those positions. Things are acquiring tougher and tougher. Now I cane her. I cane her booty with a fiberglass cane. At one point, when I asked her how badly it hurt, she told me it was still hurting in this whiny voice I’ve not heard Syn use before. I torture her a bit with the Hitachi. After a few seconds she can’t even stand up. I have to hold her up. Then surprisingly I hear her ask for permission to cum. Denied. She begins to beg to cum. I tell her no and then she begs for me to stop. I give her permission. When the orgasm comes on she’s beside herself. She’s no longer standing, she’s kicking her legs around, she’s making desperate noises, she’s leaning into me as the wave comes over and around her. Drool and snot are pulsing from her face hollows. Then abruptly she begs for the removal of the Hitachi. I guess things became a bit thin-skinned?

Next episode is a full skin waxing. To get started she is tautly secured spread-eagle to the floor via chains and cuffs. Once in location Zed takes over and starts out to paint sensual wax onto her skin with a brush. Lots of wax. The first words out of her kisser are "…that’s indeed fuck sexual…". Zed just keeps working as though she didn’t say a thing. She bawls. Her milkers move about. She raises her head in exasperation. Her breathing is maximum and labored. And there’s lots of wax to go. She groans more. She uses the word "fuck" a entire lot. I pop in and put the Hitachi on her for a bit. She doesn’t like that at all. In the end she begs to simply be beaten. But that’s too easy. She alternates between anger, desperation and sheer terror. Every so often a hand or a foot just starts to move independently, rocking on its own in some crazy rhythm propelled by pain. And if she didn’t have sufficient pain going on I placed a clothespin on her clit. Then I placed the Hitachi on the end of the clothespin. This made her groan out "Aw, BANG!". Well, I didn’t have anything else to do while Zed heated up more wax. She seemed like she was getting a little bored, you know. I asked her how it felt but it was serious to hear her over the continuous whacking soundtrack the clothespin was making each time it was vibed off the Hitachi. Rather like a woodpecker making a cavity in a tree (or the side of the residence in the case of The Attic). But I made out something about how much it hurt. I think. Well, here comes Zed again with fresh sensual wax. Syn is in fact pretty when she’s mad. Oh, we didn’t get her mad did we? After a while Syn was wholly covered in wax. Her entire flesh from head to foot. When it came time to do her face Zed made a mask of wax, heated, then pressed onto her face to make it form fitting. A breathing tube was shoved. Then I cut some of my manmeat hair off and used it for a mustache. After that clit clothespin had been on there for quite awhile she started to beg to have it removed. So I came on over and asked her about her clit problem. Once we identified what the problem was I asked her if she desired me to just pull it off. So I did. She had something to say about "god" and the word "damn". That’s when I rub it a bit, just to receive the blood flowing other time. Jeez, you’d have thought I did something wrong what with all the screaming and cursing. That’s the last time I’ll be fine to her. So that’s when I pull out the flogger and start out to whip the wax from her body. All of the wax. And folks, by this time it’s as though she’s in a plaster cast. And whip I did, relentlessly. I alternated between whipping her and using the Hitachi on her. She was pissed. She looked absurd with her manmeat hair mustache mask on while stamping her hands and feet on the floor in an effort to assuage the aching. But I just kept at it. When the Hitachi became too much she begged to be whipped more. So I did. Enormous chunks of wax coming off in layers. I was relentless in my effort to whip it all off but ultimately, she safe worded on me. Tough asshole Syn wasn’t that tough after all.

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Syn Gay Movie Syn Gay Movie
Syn Gay Movie Syn Gay Movie

Syn Gay Movie
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Syn Gay Movie