Daddys angels #4

Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips
Studio: Pacific Sun Fun
Cast: Anthony Holloway, Brett Dimineo, Barry Barrett, Cameron Fox, Carlo Cox, Gauge, Lange Gear
Genres: Gay, Public, Couples, Bodybuilder
Video language: English

lose-ups are particularly stunning to watch. They make it inside where we are treated to a long session of kissing, which is interesting because it gets rid of those silly ageist lines of fellow and daddy. By this point, they just seem like two erotic ginks enjoying every inch of each another. Brett goes back to orally mauling Barry’s penis, so the latter bends over to entire the chain with a wonderfully loud 69. Barry then rims Brett. Barry hits his mark here, taking on the challenge from Brett’s oral-stimulation. Barry then invades it with his cock, pinning Brett’s legs high in the air and bounding at him like the anal is made of nothing but air. Brett encourages this with rousing yelling and an ass that allows for smooth permeating, as welcoming as the PTA at a bake sale. Hasty and furious is the only category Barry knows to use, and his gruff demeanor shouldn’t demand any less. Despite that, the intensity of this fucking obtains even bigger when they switch locations. Brett has always been a class-A top, but is so often double with susceptive twinks. Here he has a tree trunk of a guy, and he has so much fun trying to best him. Their chemistry is absolutely excellent. Barry cums being fucked, but Brett doesn’t stop crashing at him ’till he’s prepared, then getting Barry’s fleecy tummy even messier. Stay tuned after the credits for a fun Barresi interview session with a very nervous Cameron and a full of personality Lance. Cameron has a perfect line to end it that still has me chuckling. "Daddy’s Angels" is full of existence, full of energy, and just balls-to-the-wall in terms of energy. Often sleepy performers wake up considerably here and the pairings are absolute perfection.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 20:05
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 3736kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips
Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips

Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips
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Daddys angels #4 Gay Clips