Cute Enough To Eat (2005)

Cute Enough To Eat (2005) Gay Porn Movie

Year: 2005
Genre: A plot, Fantasy, Oral, Ass, Muscles, Gathering Sex, Party, Facials, Masturbation, Gigantic Penises, Daddies, Fleecy, Outdoor
Duration: 02:04:48
Director: Josh Eliot
Studio: Catalina
Featured: Zackary Penetrate, Alex Bana, Andreas Constricting, Arpad Miklos, Brandon James, Caleb Cross, Corbin Michaels, Drew Sumrok, Ivan Andros, Nathan York, Rick Gonzales, Rik Jammer, Steve Rambo, Viktor Perseo

JOSH ELIOT’s Massive Budget extravaganza features a massive cast of 14 top stars. ZACHARY “Bubble-Butt ” PENETRATE stars in this sci-fi modern day alongside such studs as: ARPAD MIKLOS, ANDREAS “Big Ben” CONSTRICTING, IVAN ANDROS, & RICK GONZALES. With amazing videography, editing , and appetizing tension this mega hit will keep you wholly satisfied.
Hall of Fame Administrator Josh Eliot has done it again! Catalina Film are pleased to present thier Film of the Year 2005, Charming Adequate to Eat. Aside from Zackary Pierce’s cock and boy-ass being scrumptious, delectable and incredibly edible, what sets this movie above others is that administrator Eliot works most of the ginks for two burdens in each scene.
Brandon James has that manimal magnetism that you want from boys you watch having sex. He’s appears in a threeway with Rik Jammer and Arpad Miklos. Spectacular! In a rigorously sexual fourway, Ivan Andros, Corbin Michaels, Rick Gonzales and Viktor Perseo fucking and suck and shoot for all they’re worth. Alex Bana spews his teen boy-goo twice: in a episode with Nathan York and in one more with Catalina’s Leading Buddy Steve Rambo. Andreas Constricting is a woolly beast with a gigantic and extreme python, which he uses for an ass-assault on Drew Sumrok. You’ll find watching Andreas fuck Drew to be really enjoyable.
Along with these five episodes featuring twelve man-action stars, there is the Beautiful Enough to Eat chap himself, Zackary Stab with his equally youthful and good-looking co-star Caleb Cross. Seeing this fresh pair of teenage and eager explorers will amaze you.
All jointly there are two hours of unsurpassed, binary man-spraying performance in six scenes with fourteen guys. If you’re starving for Catalina’s Video of the Year 2005 from administrator Josh Eliot, get prepared for a feast of Zackary Stab and his companions… all Charming Sufficient to Eat.

Format: AVI
Video: 720×480, DivX 5, 1465kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: 44,1 khz, 2 ch, ~192.00 kbit s avrg

Cute Enough To Eat (2005) Gay Porn Movie

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Cute Enough To Eat (2005) Gay Porn Movie

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