Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro

Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie
Release Year: 2013
Studio: Pau Brasil
Cast: Alan Bueno, Apollo Max, Caio Peron, Felix Lins
Genres: gay,anal,oral,hardcore,cumshot
Video language: English

I’ll obtain this out of the way right up front: Beauty Prison is a lousy title for a pornography flick. It conjured up the weirdest images in my mind, and I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing. Notwithstanding, I think this South American film got its title lost in translation. [It did. The original Portuguese title, "Levando Ferro," translates roughly as "Pumping Iron." – Adrian] It indeed takes location in a gym, a location where one can definitely work to improve physical beauty, but where does dungeon come from? Last time I checked, we all had to pay to use it. No one was locking us in. Anyway, forget the title and enjoy the exceedingly hunky fellows. Rippling muscles, huge penises and very ready booties abound at this gym, where the endorphin rush sends the blokes scurrying in a race to disrobe and fucking.

The gym in question is small, but it’s as packed with men as it’s with machines, half of them shirtless and all of them looking so fetching. How they can really pay attention to their reps and not to each one more, I have no idea. Alan Bueno, a tanned, sinewy boy with a long, fine-looking face, heads into the shower room with Gustavo Moreira, a buff, earringed brunet with a butt bursting out of his shorts. After some teasing stripping, they start to go at it. Compact Gustavo is on his knees rapidly, sucking Alan’s hefty piece, Alan’s abs heaving in time to the suck. Alan’s cock is no simple piece, but Gustavo chows it all the way down his throat. Alan then bites at Gustavo’s fleshy bottom (not quite a rimjob, but darn great prep) before bang it. As prepared as Gustavo’s oral cavity was, his booty is even more alert, taking in the whole python, and with great speed from Alan. Alan obtains increasingly rambunctious as it lasts, keeping Gustavo whimpering happily. After Alan slams the heck out of Gustavo all over the bath, he unloads on his bottom’s torso, which accepts Gustavo making of the video large up his own stomach.

Very helpful Leo Sebastian, perhaps the most chiseled of the fellows in this gym, gives enormous necklace-clad Caio Peron some workout tips, which he decides are best shown if he whips off his shirt. Apolo Max, working out nearby and sporting a funky scarecrow hairdo, doesn’t mind at all. As a generous thank-you, Caio whirls around and starts out kissing Leo, Apolo coming over to the fellows. All three obtain shirtless right there in the gym, and Caio hits the floor to start the sucking. Leo has a ramrod straight, thick cock that looks wonderful in a oral cavity, and Caio’s is a gigantic piece also. Undaunted, Apolo sticks them both in his kisser and also sucks them individually. Mighty Leo is at his preening best when the another two are sharing his dick. So confidently, Leo sucks Caio, burrowing in nicely, with Caio sucking Apolo. Leo is somewhat tame in his bang, but Caio works his best to keep things humming. Apolo accepts a pleasant stuffing from Leo as well, tho’ bad lighting obscures a lot of the activity. Caio returns to bottoming by riding on Leo and then acquires in the middle of Leo and Apolo to play both roles, a very game twist for the end of the scene.

Format: avini
Duration: 1:14:36
Video: 576×432, XviD, 1117kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie
Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie

Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie
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Beauty Prison -Levando Ferro Gay Porn Movie