Sloan takes Cains Load

Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips
Studio: Corbin Fisher

“Sloan is one fortunate lad. He’s watching TV when Cain comes up from behindhand him and starts kissing him. That’s not a channel I ever got on MY remote control!

The dudes head to the bedroom and bare their muscular torsos. Cain teases Sloan’s nipple with his tongue, and grinds against him. He slowly pulls Sloan’s jeans down, kisses Sloan’s thigh and massages Sloan’s cock through the thin fabric of his underwear.

Cain licks his way up Sloan’s ripped chest. They kiss another time. Once Cain ditches his jeans, he grinds his python against Sloan’s again. He grabs both their thick penes and strokes them.

Sloan goes down on Cain, swallowing his uncut manmeat. Cain plays with Sloan’s asshole while Sloan blows him. Cain slides a finger into Sloan’s stern cavity. He feeds Sloan his cock, making Sloan choke on it.

Cain tells Sloan he’s going to fuck him so fine. Sloan’s manmeat is rock-hard with anticipation! Cain moves down to 69 Sloan. He spits on Sloan’s dick and sucks on it, while Sloan tells Cain how perfect his cock tastes.

Sloan bends over the bed and takes all of Cain’s huge manmeat. Cain hammers him, driving Sloan crazy. You can tell Sloan’s loving it, even if it’s a lot of penis to take instantly. Cain keeps pounding and Sloan keeps screaming.

Cain lifts Sloan up, throws his legs over his shoulder and bangs him intense and Hasty. Sloan puts his arms around Cain’s neck. Cain picks the massive gink up and lets him ride his penis that way!

Sloan bounces up and down on Cain’s manmeat. Cain lies on the bed, and Sloan rides him, taking every inch of Cain’s python. “Fuck me,” he tells Cain. Sloan blasts a enormous load onto Cain’s ripped abs! He rapidly hops off.

Cain shoots his burden into Sloan’s waiting muzzle. Sloan sucks every drop out.

I think I need to rewind and play that in slow-motion a few more times!”

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Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips
Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips

Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips
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Sloan takes Cains Load Gay Clips