On The Mark

On The Mark Gay Movie
Studio: Bullwhip Film

After talking about his practice breaking into the XXX-business (he piggybacked into a video his lover was scheduled to shoot), studly lady Jake Andrews obtains fired up when hes paired up with porno legend Aiden Shaw. After some sensitive kissing, Andrews slides down Shaws body and works on the famous Brits extra-thick manmeat, chewing through his briefs before Shaw frees it. Shaw grabs Andrews head and guides his open muzzle onto the entire continuance of his tool. The two men return to kissing, mutually stroking their penises, which gets Jakes asshole primed and in readiness for action. As they go at it, Shaw teases Andrews hollow with his meaty, monster-like python, then flips Andrews over and pushes it into his waiting cavern. Andrews takes every bit of the assault, burying his face into his pillow as Shaw screws him down worthy, eventually laying on top of Andrews and kissing him from behind as he slides his penis inside him.
Shaw then flips Andrews over and takes him in a new position, holding Andrews legs in the air while he plugs away. The two men kiss again before Shaw pulls back to shoot his monster load onto Andrews python and testicles. Jake then unloads with a sizeable load of his own while Aiden licks his balls.
2. Zak Spears, Tyler Scott
Hairy Adonis Zak Spears talks of becoming a building contractor whod like to build dungeons – and his fondness for eating anal. He gets to prove it in scene 2 when hes coupled up with the fine-looking Tyler Scott. Zak spreads Tylers cheeks and invades his hollow with his tongue, lapping away like a greedy pig. Spears bites on Scotts ass cheeks and sucks his manmeat from behindhand, then Scott flips over so Spears can swallow his prick. Then Zak lies back to have his tool worked on. With Scott lying on his back, Spears feeds his prick into the another mans open muzzle.
3. Donnie Russo, Dave Logan
Before long, Russo ends up on his back as Logan goes on the ass-reaming, pumping away ’till Russo unloads with a geyser of milky-white cum all over his chest and face. Logan is rapid to follow, his own juice spewing from him and landing on Russos abs.
Afterward, Logan chats about being a shy, quiet lad with a high sex drive who loves to be bossed around by another fellows.
4. Dex Weston, Steve Maverick
Studly cowboy Dex Weston reveals his fantasy of meeting a rousing chap on the beach-a fantasy that is then played out when he spies fine-looking Steve Maverick tossing a football around in the sand. The two end up back at Westons location, where the real performance starts with Maverick freeing Westerns nice-looking dick from beneath his shorts so he can suck on it. Grabbing onto the back of Mavericks head, Western guides his new dude toy up and down his tool, laying back to have fun the view. But Westons got other things on his mind, namely eating asshole, and he strips Maverick down to a jockstrap so he can do just that. With Maverick lying on his stomach, Weston buries his tongue into the jocks lightly fleecy bubble asshole. Weston then lies on his back so Maverick can sit on his face, slobbering all over his hole in preparation for the fuck to come.
Weston climbs on top of Mavericks booty and starts to ride him like a bull. Holding Maverick down, he pummels his prize possession like a champ at a rodeo. With a twinkle in his eye, the impish Maverick pulls out a double-ended dong and hands it to Weston, who obliges by pushing the big rubber artificial cock into Mavericks lubed-up hollow. Maverick likes every minute of it, accepting the ass-fucking with sheer aplomb. Next he flips onto his back so that Weston can suck him off, and he explodes with a gigantic weight that rips from his slit while Weston greedily tongues his balls. Weston is close behind, making of the video his own milk onto Weston before collapsing on top of his newfound pal.

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On The Mark Gay Movie On The Mark Gay Movie
On The Mark Gay Movie On The Mark Gay Movie

On The Mark Gay Movie
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On The Mark Gay Movie