Sperm Suckers

Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie
Studio: Street Lads
Cast: Martin Brawer, Tom Smith, Felix Wallace, George Michaelo, Thomas Jefferson, Fery Kopp, Carey Lexes, Thommy Roger, Alex Martyn
Genres: Nipple-Play, Sperm-Eating, Solo, Duo, Trio, Spitting, Feet-Licking, Dildo, Sucking, Blowing, anilingus, Bareback-Sex, Harsh Fuck, 2 way, 3way..
Video language: English

Scene 1:
„I want to lick your sperm“ Thomas Jefferson must have thought while looking at Fery Kopp in a sexual way.And it didn’t take very long and Thomas unpacked Fery’s penis. He blows it slowly first and then more and more swiftly and stronger. Fery has entertainment it and settles back with delight. Horniness is rising more and more inside him, too. When Thomas has taken off his trousers fully and sits down on the floor with a hard cock also Fery wants to have something extreme in his mouth. He kneels down to Thomas and licks his glans. He blows his manmeat and plays with Thomas’s cavity. After licking Thomas’s arsehole and fingering him Fery turns around rejoicing for a sensual bang. Fery pushes his intense python unsaddled deep into Thomas’s hole. He bangs him extreme and then he squirts his sensual sperm on the arse. He inserts his glans into Thomas’s arsehole once again and spreads his juice inside him. He plays with his tongue around his hole and licks the sperm. Rimming makes Thomas so sensual that he cannot finish his sperm any longer. He squirts the horny juice of his dick over the bow. Fery uses this luck and licks the juice off his flesh and spreads it into Thomas’s mouth.

Scene 2:
„Hello, my name is Martin Brawer, and the gink by me is Tom Smith. He’s a actually charming guy, isn’t he? And now I’m going to be in fact busy with him .“ And the session starts out without delay. After a soft kiss Martin starts immediately to lick Tom’s teats and he also pushes his manmeat deeply into his muzzle. He blows it slowly and intensely. Tom is having entertainment, but now he desires to suck, too. Martin tears his clothes off his body and exposes his member to Tom hopefully. He sucks his manmeat until it gets fierce and starts to finger Martin’s hollow. Tom licks the arsehole and puts fingers deeply into it. Martin moans out with delight and now he wants to accept banged. He sets himself on the brink of the sofa so that Tom can enter him properly. He fucks Martin intense barebacked so that sweat comes out on his brow. Tom’s sperm is about to squirt off and so he takes his manmeat out of his arsehole and bends over him. Martin jerks off and sperm comes like spitting out of the dick. Tom swallows the white juice and spreads the remaining on Martin’s tongue. Now as well Tom desires to get rid of his juice. He bends over Martin and squirts his soup into his kisser. After a passionate sperm kiss the two of them settle back exhausted.

Episode 3:
Hi chaps, I’m Carey Lexes and I’m quite bored. And I’m just feeling quite sexy. I need something in my arsehole…..Well! When you feel sexual but you’re alone you must play with yourself. That’s what even Carey Lexes is thinking about. He pushes up his T-shirt and plays with his teats. He licks his armpits and stirs. Then he takes off his trousers and fingers his arsehole. He pushes his fingers into his asshole when by chance he sees the vibrator over the sofa. „I want to have in my hole“ he thinks. And so he positions the rubber penis properly and sits deeply on it. Every once in a while he moves his arsehole and fucks himself. Horniness is rising inside him, he can barely refrain his sperm. And so he settles back on the sofa and keeps fucking himself with the artificial cock and he masturbates. Then lastly the white juice comes out of his penis. He spreads everything over his skin and smiles satisfied.

Scene 4:
Tom Smith, are we going to the Hustlaball other time this year?, Martin Brawer asks. – Yes, we are, he answers, and we may take also our slapper Felix Wallace with us. But before that we are going to use him a bit…And the orgy can start already. Without hesitation Martin takes out his penis and lets it acquire sucked by Felix. In the meantime Tom plays with his arsehole, he fingers it and pushes his fingers deeply into the arsehole. Meanwhile Felix has sucked Martin’s python until it has got extreme. But he desires to see how his slapper acquires fucked. He calls out to Tom, come, bang him utmost. Tom needn’t be told twice. He tears his clothes off his skin and pushes his hard member inside Felix. He fucks him rawly and severe. The look makes Martin so sensual that now he desires to bang, too. He turns Felix properly and pushes his manmeat into his hollow. He lets his piece glide inside Felix’s hole as far as it will go and bangs him. Felix the slapper is busy with Tom’s manmeat, he licks his dick and his hole. Which makes Tom absolutely appetizing. Now he wants to squirt off his juice. He pulls Felix’s muzzle over his dick and jerks off. Martin plays with his paps and then at the last moment his sperm comes out. He spreads his load in Felix’s oral cavity. But as well Tom wants to swallow sperm and so he licks Martin’s manmeat till he sprays his load into his throat. There is a huge sperm kiss to top it all off. The slapper in the meantime is licking the feet of both of them. And now it is time also for Felix to get rid of his juice. He wanks sitting on the floor and squirts off his white juice on Martin’s foot. Lick everything off, he replies. Submissively Felix licks everything off ’till the last drop. As a crowning conclusion the three of them snog and lick the remaining sperm off their lips.

Episode 5:
Such a cute afternoon. What could we do, Alex Martyn and Thommy Roger ask each other. Short answer: „hot vibrator plays“. And Alex is still taking Thommy the trousers off and starts out to lick his hollow ’till it gets wet. He plays with his arsehole and fingers him. Then he sees this long thick artificial cock and says, it must pass through. He plunges the rubber penis into Thommy’s hollow first softly and then harder and harder. He likes this visibly. But Alex also wants to have something fierce in his mouth and so he pushes the rubber dildo and the manmeat at the same time into his muzzle and plays around, he sucks both manmeats generously. Thommy gets hornier and hornier and desires to squirt off his juice at last. After wanking a little bit he unloads his sperm in Alex’s oral cavity. He swallows down everything with delight. But as well his arsehole itches. This is the announcement for Thommy: he turns Alex round and he offers him his cavity hopefully. Thommy licks his sphincter slowly and with pleasure. After some time he shows a black thick vibrator. Without hesitation he starts out to sink the piece slowly into Alex’s hollow. He moves the vibrator in and out. Alex cries out with pleasure. Now in the end he wants to acquire rid of his juice, too. He settles back on the sofa and pulls Thommy’s kisser over his python. He stirs his hard python more and more speedily then his burden comes out of his bollocks. Thommy licks everything off. Entirely satisfied both of them settle back and play some more tongue plays.

Scene 6:
Hey George Michaelo, let me suck your penis, Felix Wallace must be thinking. And he still leans forward and licks the manmeat. He blows George’s cock ’till it gets intense. He licks his cavity and fingers his sphincter. George enjoys it, but he also desires to suck something. And so Felix takes off his trousers skilfully and bends down with his member over Felix’ oral cavity. In the meantime he keeps playing with George’s hole. The appetizing tongue play makes him so sensual that he wants to feel Felix inside him now. He sits on the erect manmeat and rides on it. He mounts it up and down more and more rapidly. While doing that he stirs his maximum manmeat. He can scarcely keep back his excitement. Then eventually the juice comes out of his python. Very happy he settles back to Felix and cuddles with him. At the same time he stirs his cock. He bends down back and licks Felix’s sphincter. He loves the special treatment. When George then pushes his fingers into his hole his python gets very harsh. George masturbates his python ’till Felix sprays his whole burden of sperm. He swallows the juice down with pleasure and spreads the remaining in Felix’s oral cavity.

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Duration: 2:40:28
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 1747kbps
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Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie
Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie

Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie
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Sperm Suckers Gay Porn Movie