Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys

Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie
Release Year: 2010
Studio: Pink Bird Media inc.
Cast: Kaden Saylor, Corbett Harper, Shawn
Genres: Fuck & Sucking , Speedo , Twinks 19+ , Outdoor, American

University of Hawaii student Corbett Harper, commonly known as "Speedo Undergraduate," gained notoriety in the blogosphere thanks to his good-looks, love of Speedos and public onanism. In this video, Corbett acquires to fulfill his sensual fantasies with gorgeous chiseled blonde’s Kaden Saylor and Shawn.

Corbett Harper became famous recording himself masturbating on campus, then uploading the videos to Xtube. His username is "SpeedoStudent," which represents his fetich for Speedos, Lycra pants and jocks. He’s been hooked ever since he got his first Speedo at age 19. When he sits down for one of his frequent J/O sessions he conjures up images of the time he caught Active Duty’s superstar model Kaden Saylor jerking his meat in the shower. Kaden’s enormous spurt of cum against the shower glass acquires Corbett to explode a large load of his own.

When Corbett returns to his room at the resort and finds Kaden lying on the sofa, he resolves that this time his fantasy about the dude of his dreams is going to become a reality. He hovers over Kaden, and with his skin motions and hungry eyes makes it known that he desires to do more than just look. Kaden catches on speedily and gets into some hard-core action in an instant. Not only do these sexual bodies trade delicious blowjobs, but Kaden treats Corbett to a masterful ass pounding and cum shower.

When Corbett sees Shawn standing on the rocks at the beach, he is drawn in like the tide. He looks up at Shawn perched on the rocks like a Greek statue and makes small talk, convincing him to take a walk with him and then to come over to his house to model some very skimpy swimsuits. Back at the residence, Shawn models several outfits next to the pool and spa, and before long the two young models are in the Jacuzzi undressed and enjoying each other’s manly rods. When Corbett moves to the another side of the Jacuzzi and waves his bottom in the air, Shawn walks over and strokes his python, unleashing a small pool of his own cum all over Corbett, who turns around and unloads his own gusher.
Corbett comes out of the shower with a spring in his step, beaming with the success he had with Shawn the past evening. He models for himself in front of the mirror, putting on the favourite Speedo that Shawn had modeled for him. He obtains a text message from Shawn, who wants to come over and do some more modeling, but Corbett is familiar with that this invitation is for much more. Shawn and Corbett do each another proud in several positions before Shawn in conclusion gives the “Speedo Student” a speedy ride on his fiend cock.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:12:18
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie
Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie

Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie
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Beach Boy Dreams aka Speedoboys Gay Porn Movie