The Abduction vol.1

The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie
Release Year: 1991
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Jack Dillon, Luck Caldwell, Dolph Knight, Craig Slater, Scott Hogan, Matt Gunther, Jason Ross, Craig Hoffman, Danny Somers, Nick Manetti, Troy Hunter, Luke Bender, Buck Simpson
Genres: Plot Based, BDSM, Discipline, Punishment, Caning, Muscle, Leather, Butt Play, Threesomes, Classic

This is not your ‘s Falcon. This bust-out flick forgoes the vanilla in favor of some premium kink. Not to be missed.
Caldwell, as a uniformed military type, has men abducted from their homes and brought to his torture jail so lad can search em for a mysterious roll of video. Chap and his partners leave no orifice unexplored in their search. Dicks, vibrators and fists (!) Slide effortlessly into gaping man-pussies.
Riding crops graze bulging biceps and rock-hard teats. Calloused hands slap alabaster buttcheeks. Men are kept as slaves in cages and to hungrily slurp bloated fatties. Candle wax, asshole beads, gags, enemas and autofellatio sweeten the mix further.
Even if u normally prefer your rousing boundaries a little greater amount rigid, you may find yourself with a raging stiffie. You may likewise find yourself wishing the guards were a little rougher and menacing looking – the overabundance of perfectly moussed hair detracts from the overall nastiness of the performance. Caldwell’s faux-sounding German accent falls somewhere between terrifying and riotous.

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The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie
The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie

The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie
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The Abduction vol.1 Gay Movie