Bleus Bites

Bleus Bites Gay Movie
Release Year: 2002
Studio: Clair Creation
Cast: Andras (Tony Magera), Erno (Rick Perry), Gabor (Ken Spencer), Gergo (Sergio Foster), Kober (Adrian Bradshaw), Mozes (Rob Nelson), Robert, Tamas (Daniel Paxton), Zsolt (Gondor )
Genres: anal sex, soldiers, enormous pythons, blow job, facial cumshots, uncut manmeats, solo (some), prison, military, threesome

100 minutes of manly friendship in a barracks full of horny soldiers. Those teen, studly European men take man sex to a complete new layer! "Bleus-Bites" is French military slang for new recruits.

When that appeared on my to-be-reviewed-pile I panicked for a moment. Oh my God I although – a nasty version of Blue’s Clues? Alas it’s not, but as shortly after as I laid eyes on coverstud Zsolt I forgot all about this annoying Nickelodeon animated piece of crap.
It’s other East European Army fuckflick, but before u raise your eyes skywards and click the close icon, let me tell you that it’s a Clair Creation, and they can be pretty hair-raisingly perfect. Expect the familiar faces and foreskins in this barrack bangathon that’ll have you wishing if u were posted near those boys, you’d want to be all that you could be. too! Don’t expect just a small in number pleasant men here; we have nine of em in 5 delectable vigtes.
If you’ll excuse the opening, which is downright cheesy and cheap (as for the set: let’s not go there), u can unzip your fly and watch as muscular Andras snoozes in the slammer, which I’m guessing is a military pri . I once heard this you could tell if a man was innocent by locking him in a cell for the night. If he’s still awake at dawn he’s probably done nothing wrong. I guess Andras has been forced with crimes against "body adornment" because one of his artistic interpretations (a tattoo of a fair maiden, no less) looks way too much much like Wonder Woman.
Alonges older guard Robert, who finds Sleeping Beauty irresistible; maybe he’s a Lynda Carter fan. Guy beats his uncut meat before venturing into the cell and stripping, revealing a excellent, slightly fleecy skin that sure acquires the sleep out of Andras’s eyes! Buddy dives str8 down and swallows Robert’s tool, like it’s the last meal of a condemned man. Slurping like crazy, the close-ups are clear enough to watch the drool running down his shaft and testicles (oh, and the shadow of the movie cam, but that’s just picky). Romantic kisses follow, and then Robert reciprocates the blowjob attention in a sixty-nine that sends shivers down their erotically compeled spines.
Robert can no longer resist and gives the prier an intensive butt-fucking session, Andras’ manmeat rock-hard throughout the escalating power-pounding. The pleasure-pinnacle reached, Andras bursts forth his pearly love-lotion formerly Robert decides to baptize his new love with his own brand of Holy Water! Sensibly, Andras keeps his eyelids closed as it spatters his face, because if you’ve ever had this toy in your eyes you’ll know that it stings like a fucker for days and puts the "number 1 passion man" in Number 1 Passion man!
The next episode sees Mozes tossing his meat on the can whilst flicking through girlie mags. Kober by and Mozes receives the Devil Inside, and the two eyeball every other’s rapidly engorging pythons formerly Mozes strips bared, enticing his buddy to do the same. The green light given, those two french kiss formerly Mozes bends over the sink and presents his ass, which Kober immediately plunges his prick into. Mozes of the parting cheeks!!! (Sorry, but there’s no way I could not not say this at that point.) A doggy category ramming sees Mozes spill his seed, but still ravenous, hits the floor and the athletic Kober punctures his ring once again, working his way to his own apex, that covers Mozes’ well-used hairy buns with sticky white love-goo.
OK, prepare for excitement and annoyance next. I’ll explain the annoyance to get it out the way. The threesome that follows, starring Privates Zsolt and Gergo, plus theirmanding officer Gabor are so strikingly familiar you’ll be thinking; "Oh, it’s him. Chap was in that another video, with that guy who was in that other video with that other guy. "And that will put u off the unexcelled scene in the entire movie. Needless to say, yes, u have seen all three formerly, under a number of names. Gabor is likewise known as Zsabo and Ken Spencer whilst tattooed Gergo from time to time works beneath the Sergio Foster moniker. And as for Zsolt … jeez, u got a week? I swear, I’m getting fed up with this "one name for one video-making studio, one name for another" nonsense. OK, rant over. Sit back and relax for a moment, because you’ll be on the edge of your seat shortly …
Officer Gabor decides that guy doesn’t crave his underlings working on anything 1 greater amount than his donkey dong, so when guy unbuckles in front of the pretty Zsolt he’s thankful they have the same idea. No one has ever looked more delicious than Zsolt sucking dick, and the duo turn Gergo on so much gink strips uncovered and joins em to make a torrid trio. Zsolt stays low and devotes himself to these 2 nice-looking examples of cockdom, getting any blistering erotic with his hungry, weing face hole and lizard like tongue.
Gergo is 1st to take him anally, riding him roughly against a stool as the orally fixated Zsolt doesn’t wish to stop inhaling Gabor’s meat – neither would you! That thing is an uncut masterpiece, large, long and chunky. When it at the last moment snakes its way up Zsolt’s back passage it’s done slowly, lest it rupture the poor guy. A wonderful bang later and Gabor helps the bottom boy reach apex with a helpful suck-session before Gergo follows suit. Stand well back though, and watch in awe as Gabor almost shoots across the entire continuance of the room! So ends a fabulous hell of a scene that will remain in your mind long after the embers have expired away.
Muscular Erno and slim Tamas are up next, as they drive their jeep into the garage. They pop the hood and Erno pushes ’bout in its innards, formerly realizing he’d rather be poking ’bout in Tamas’ innards instead. They tongue passionately formerly each takes their time working on the other’s immense uncut beefsticks before boyish Tamas repays a worthy blow-ob by offering himself to his buddy. Buddy weeps loudly as Erno rides with a ferocity not normally witnessed during peacetime. I hope the jeep’s suspension could take it.
Take a breather as night falls. Andras is out of Chokey and back in the barracks. I guess guy plea-bargained and was ordered to seduce Zsolt and Gergo, whose intentions of a nice night’s sleep dissolve when they see his erection. Erotic Zsolt is 1st to respond – his own penis now sprouts wood and himself straight up Andras’ tight cazzy. Knowing a priceless thing when that guy sees it, Gergo links in, creating a spitroast of such fervent electricity your TV screen will crackle and flicker.
Having thoroughly demolished Andras’ apperture, Zsolt gives up his own to prolong the excitement, Andras plunging all the way in, causing Zsolt to shout with joy. The just only way to silence that army pig is by sticking Gergo’s meat all the way down his mouth. Gergo has seconds with Zsolt, stabbing his apperture with a frenzied series of thrusts at hummingbird speed. (The sparks could start fires!) Andras watches from the sidelines but shortly after straddles the tattooed top stud, bouncing away in sheer fun formerly preparing himself for the two buddies’ spooge this covers his pecs with cream.
And so ends niy minutes of entertainment, only ever-so-slightly spoiled by a few cheapo moments. But luckily for us, what started off as a awfulegregious Jan Osten movie with no money and no subtitles eventually became a half decent butterfly in the Csaba Borbely mode.

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Bleus Bites Gay Movie Bleus Bites Gay Movie
Bleus Bites Gay Movie Bleus Bites Gay Movie

Bleus Bites Gay Movie
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Bleus Bites Gay Movie