Iconmale – Revenge

Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie

Part 1
Michael Delray confesses to his admirer Calvin Banks this he’s been cheating on him with his co-worker Armond Rizzo. Calvin is heartbroken leaving him with the tormenting images in his head of the two of them fuck! The torment unpredictedly turns into a fantasy of control. Bloke gets off at the fact this this guy can control every single thing in his mind that Michael does to Armond! Chap envisions Michael pounding Armond’s ass heavy. Aggressively getting his harsh python sucked. The 2 engage in wild and downright slutty boy on boy fucking! Leaving Clavin extremely aroused in his own twisted fantasy!

Part 2
Calvin Banks begins dating again but keeps his guard up after having his ex-cheat on him. Fellow meets Kory Houston and the two fall into a relationship, not long into it chap notices strange behaviours from Kory. Behaviours this seem way too familiar. Chap decides to follow him one day and is stunned to see him at his co-worker’s dwelling. Chap is cheating on him! Kory selfishly goes to the good-looking Roman Todd for a wild forbidden hard-core ass fuck, penis sucking session leaving em both climaxing like never formerly!

Scene 3
Calvin Banks is livid ’bout being betrayed by Kory Houston. This guy waits until Kory comes home and confronts Kory by telling that guy needs to be instructed a lesson. Buddy aggressively fucks the shit out of him! Showing him who and where lad belongs! Banging his ass and making him suck his penis like fellow should be doing! Kory takes it like the awfulegregious boy bloke is and understands that no one can fuck him the way Calvin just did!

Episode 4
Calvin Banks receives a few missed calls from cheating ex-boyfriend Michael Delray. This guy calls him back and asks him what guy desires. Michael confesses that fellow fucked up and craves to take Calvin for dinner. Calvin obtains. Michael is sad and pathetic, Calvin sees how selfish his ex is but still comes to a decision to give him a nice fucking after dinner! The two pound every another, sucking harsh cocks, full of passion and resentment. Make up sex has never been greater especially with no feelings banded jointly on Calvin’s episode that is, revenge is sweet!

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Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie
Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie

Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie
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Iconmale - Revenge Gay Movie