Raging Stallion – Trouser Trout

Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie

Michael Brandon presents the new 2-disc Trouser Trout with action as appetizing as ever and a gathering of sexual men unmatched in porn history. The Trouser Trout cast is full of large pythons and every man is anxious to catch the massive one.

A gathering of 9 strapping men meet up at the Russian River Resort for a juice before they start their annual fishing trip. As any man is introduced, other big-dicked stud is added to the union.

After a long day of fishing, Tyler Saint is in readiness to genuinely have fun the outdoors. As evening approaches we find him among the trees on a wooden deck touching himself in the moonlight. This muscle stud is pumped up and prepared for performance. His bulging biceps and popped pecs are eager for attention in the evening air. RJ Danvers enters the scene and is on his knees in seconds, worshiping Tyler’s muscles and pits. RJ is a young, shaggy stud eager to please. But the bulge in Tyler’s pants is what indeed needs attention and RJ wets Tyler’s jeans before whipping it out and swallowing the large rod. RJ and Tyler have obvious chemistry as they kiss in the moonlight. But RJ is a sex pig and boy offers up his ass for Tyler’s use. RJ’s anal is gigantic and woolly and ready for action and Tyler cleans it with his tongue. The booty eating is continuous. RJ starts out stretching his apperture open for Tyler, who shortly after whips out a artificial cock to pry RJ’s cavity all the way open. The large black dildo is just a preview of the fucking this follows. Tyler plugs RJ with his large cock 1st on his belly and then on his back. Tyler literally pounds the cum out of RJ and follows with a load of his own, all over RJ’s chest.

Episode two brings new meaning to morning wood. Bo Matthews awakes in his cabin with a hard-on and the need to piss. As fellow pisses off the balcony, the city letch peers at him with binoculars from behind the wood pile. As Bo urinates, buddy hears the stud in the woods and glances over to find Luke Hass stroking his gigantic phallus while watching Bo piss. Bo waves him over and Luke comes out of the woods and into the cabin to find Bo on his knees. Bo goes str8 to work on Luke’s penis. Bo is an expert cocksucker and shows Luke his skills. But Bo has many talents, including being an amazing buttocks. Luke sheaths up and shoves his manmeat into Bo’s hollow, fuck him slowly at 1st and then more . Shortly after, up the road comes Antonio Biaggi returning from fishing in his waders. Antonio walks up to see Bo bent over with Luke’s huge cock up his ass and asks if lad can join in. Bo welcomes Antonio with a round of unfathomable penis sucking as Luke prolongs to pound away at his ass. Watching Bo swallow Antonio’s enormous manmeat is adequate to push Luke over the verge. Lad blows his burden right onto Antonio’s manmeat as Bo lasts to suck it. Once Luke is done, Antonio gets a excellent round of cock sucking and some charming aggressive attention to his testicles. But Antonio wants a piece of ass and Bo supplies it. Bo bends over another time to take the gigantic cock up his bum. Antonio is an aggressive fucker. Fellow plunges his large plaything unfathomable into Bo who shouts with joy and begs for greater amount. The episode ends when Bo blows his burden with Antonio up inside him and Antonio shoots all over Bo’s eager kisser.

In the afternoon heat, Tyler Saint and newbie Dominic Sol are taking some time to have diversion every other’s lips. Dominic is a nice-looking young man with a constricting skin and an eager look in his eye. Guy unleashes Tyler’s python from his pants and goes down on it rapidly. Dominic gives every inch of Tyler’s penis attention. The passion between these 2 men is palpable. Dominic likes manmeat and Tyler has a enormous 1 to share. Luke is back and watches from a distance as those two men please any 1 more. When Tyler can’t take anymore cocksucking chap bends Dominic over to eat his ass. Dominic’s ass is a sight to be seen: a cute, teenaged, fluffy cavity that speedily opens up for Tyler’s tongue. Once his cavity is warmed up, Tyler slips on a condom and slides right in. Dominic takes all of Tyler’s python with enthusiasm. Tyler pounds away as Dominic asks for more. The pair move from fuck standing up to the nearby boat so Dominic can greater amount easily offer up his ass. The fuck becomes increasingly aggressive as Tyler instantly has full control and easy access to every inch of Dominic. Dominic flips over onto his back for a final long round of bang. Tyler brings Dominic to climax, covering his abs with cum. When Tyler blows, his cum mixes in and fellow bends over to lick it up.

Disc 2 starts with a trip to the water for a small in number hours of fishing. As the studs try to catch fish, Luke is back in the grass trying to catch glimpses of those rousing men.

After a long day of fishing, nothing is greater than a campfire. Dominic, Antonio and RJ are smelling juice and listening to the crickets as they see the fire. Antonio has bang on his mind and Dominic quickly goes down on Antonio’s huge rod. As Dominic swallows, RJ decides to entertain himself and boy whips out his python, watching as Dominic struggles with Antonio’s monster. Dominic is an expert and takes not quite just all of the gigantic thing. As RJ watches and strokes, Dominic wets the entire length of Antonio’s python, making as much as man can obtain down his mouth. When Antonio sits, Dominic’s ass becomes the new focus of his attention. Dude wets his fingers and plays with Dominic’s anal as RJ undresses. Dominic pokes a condom down on Antonio’s dick and sits on it, taking the huge dong all the way up his apperture. Dominic rides like a pro, pumping his tight anal up and down the big pole. RJ is jealous and finds a vibrator in his tackle box to slide into his own fluffy booty. Antonio picks Dominic up and places him on his back with his butt up in the air so lad can stab him unfathomable. The fuck here is unimaginable. The big rod pushes in and out of Dominic as both men see RJ fuck himself with his tool. RJ blows his load on Dominic’s face and licks it up. Antonio shoves his manmeat in the eager throat as Dominic covers his stomach in cum. In conclusion it’s Antonio’s turn and gink blows his load onto Dominic’s anxious muzzle.

Big-dicked Chad Hunt and Bo Matthews are getting willing for the day, packing up the boat and the truck for a awesome day of fishing. But Bo’s got manmeat on his mind and swiftly goes down on Chad’s dick. Chad has 1 of the biggest cocks in the business and Bo is eager to taste it. Chad wants a taste of Bo’s ass formerly plundering his hollow. Chad spreads him open and tears in with his tongue. Bo has other things in mind and is presently sitting on top of Chad’s huge erection. Bo rides up and down, every inch inside of him. With Luke watching from behind the bushes, Chad pumps deep up into Bo. When Bo accepts on his back for other round, you can see how massive his hollow has become from Chad’s big member getting into him. When Chad is willing to blow, that guy pulls out and covers Bo with cum. Bo swiftly follows with a large weight.

In the final episode, Derrick Hanson is hanging out, smelling juice and rocking to the music of his iPod. Derrick is a young stud with a good-looking, smooth body and a delicious dick. When this guy opens up the tackle box this guy finds porn mags of all kinds. This guy picks 1 and starts to stroke himself off in the afternoon sun. As Derrick delights himself, Ryann Wood emerges from the forest and offers himself up for a quick fucking. Ryann starts on Derrick’s teats and is presently on his knees with Derrick’s penis down his oral cavity. Ryann must have been lost in the woods for days because his hunger is obvious as fellow reveres Derrick’s dick. With his python occupied, Derrick turns his attention to Ryann’s fleecy blond ass. Gink spits on his fingers and spreads the apperture wide. Derrick prepares Ryann’s hole for a long round of spit-shining. Derrick eats Ryann’s ass eagerly, sticking his punctured tongue deep into the blond crack. Derrick begins fucking Ryann, who takes dick with the same excitement as buddy sucked manmeat. As Derrick eats away, Luke returns to watch from afar, blowing a weight all over his binoculars formerly joining the duo. Derrick fills Ryann with his cock while Luke watches. When Luke comes out of the woods and into the episode, the bang really heats up. Luke slips his big dick unfathomable into Ryann as Derrick watches and eggs them on. Soon Derrick wants some cock in his hollow and the 3 form a line of penis and asshole. Derrick bangs Ryann and Luke bangs Derrick in a cute and rarely shot line-up. These three ginks fucking until they can’t bang anymore and Derrick sits down to obtain covered with cum. Derrick shoots 1st staring up at the 2 guys who release their loads all over his upper body.

Trouser Trout brings the wild to you with enormous penises and nice-looking men, doing what men do best: suck and bang in the woods.

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Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie
Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie

Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie
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Raging Stallion - Trouser Trout Gay Movie