Jocks Video – Backdrop (1992)

Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro

1. Marc Saber, Chip Daniels, Scott Bond
Marc Saber and Chip Daniels come to a decision to pay an surprising vist to their land pal Scott Bond…who welcomes em with open arms and a throbbing python. Marc swallows Scotts dick while Chip rims Marc’s apperture…switching from cock-sucking to ass-munching as their mood moves them. Scott starts out to beg for a dick up his ass and in kno time Marc fills the vacancy – slamming it in hard. Scott turns the tables on Marc, burying his cock deep in Marc’s ass while Marc kissers Chips meat. The intensity builds and in a short time those three partners unload and relax in spent satiation.
found in compilation The Best of Chip Daniels

2. Devin Davenport, Tony Angelo
When Devin Davenport meets blind date Tony Angelo, a surge of excitement rushes throughout this him. Tony’s shock of black locks, steely excited eyes and the well defined skin get Devin manmeat hard…and Devin’s boy-next-door worthy looks cause a rise in Tony’s jeans. Tony sucks Devins cock and rims his virgin booty…warming him up and feeding his crave. Devin sucks Tony’s dick…getting it extreme and in readiness for his virgin ass. Tony slides it in and opens Devin up…working his python deeper in Devin’s cavity and giving him a ride to remember. In the end overcome by lust, both men unleash their loads.

3. Craig Hoffman, Mitch Taylor (90s)
Craig Hoffman is in the middle of feeding his massive cock to Mitch Taylor. Craig’s fiend manmeat is greater amount than a mouthfull but Mitch manages to deepthroat the fiend right down to Craigs’s bollocks. Mitch gags as hot Craig bangs Mitch’s face. Those two man go over the verge as Mitch begs Craig to bang him with his monster stuff. Dude craves it so bad this this chub jumps on the enormous manmeat and rides it, moving his ass up and down, filling his asshole with the rigid python. With Mitch’s ass primed, Craig throws him over and bangs him with wild abandon. Mitch’s apperture is stretched wider and deeper than it’s ever been. Bloke growls in primal lust as Craig uses his penis as a fiend battering ram, fuck Mitch until he’s raw and spent. With their bodies discomfort to release their pent-up energy, the 2 man heave a sigh and let loose a fountain of cum.

4. Devin Davenport, Craig Hoffman, Drew Kelly
Country boy Devin Davenport is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the huge township. Arriving at Craig Hoffman’s location, boy finds Craig busy making of the video photos of blond adonis Drew Kelley. Devin watches as Drew performs before the camera…flexing his muscles…playing wiht his huge penis…showwing off his ass. Devin get’s too much excited to contain himself and begins playing with himself. In a short time he’s on Drew’s buttocks, exploring it with his tongue. Craig pleasures the show, feeling his dick rise as Devin sucks Drew’s stiff prick. Craig moves in and gives Devin a taste of his own giant manmeat. Overwhelmed by Craig’s huge stuff and overcome by the heat of the episode, Devin grabs his clothes and leaves Craig and Drew to finish their session. Craig warms and relaxes Drew’s cavity, preparing it for his monster cock. Craig slides his manmeat in slowly, then works it stronger in and out…eventially slamming it unfathomable in Drew’s hollow and Drew’s load out before pulling back and blasting his own.

5. Justin Bradley, Jeff Hammond
Justin Bailey wastes no time tearing off studly Jeff Hammond’s sweats…getting down to the chiseled upper body and swollen cock underneath…giving the cock a fantastic suck. Jeff returns the favor and the 2 boys 69 deeply and furiously. Justin pulls back and receives a taste of Jeff’s round muscular butt. Jeff writhes in raptture feeling Justin’s tongue probe his hollow. Unable to hold off any longer, Jeff buries his python in the good-looking blond’s ass…working it all the way in and then slamming it fierce and Hasty. Jeff fucks the burden out of Justin and then works his own out across his tanned taut upper body.

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Duration: 1:13:36
Video: 708×478, AVC (H.264), 880kbps
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Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro
Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro

Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro
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Jocks Video - Backdrop (1992) Gay Retro