Chaosmen – Phillip and Timmy

Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips

Timmy wanted to do a massage table movie. They are his favourite to see, but I think this chub was hoping to be the 1 who was acquiring the massage. Based on what Timmy said, chap sounded like boy already had the rhythm and the ritual down, and since Phillip was new, I thought maybe Timmy should be the 1 to do the massage.

Not a single complaint from Timmy of course, lad was happy buddy got not only rub Phillip, but to fucking him also. I promised him this guy could sit in the Brink bench at a later date.

Phillip undoubtedly pleasures being oiled-up, and Timmy works his penis from soft to heavy with some gentle tugging. Once fellow acquires Phillip’s ass in the air, Phillip undoubtedly got turned-on. It still boggles my mind that str8 studs love ass play.

And Phillip was downright starving for dick too. After Timmy had rimmed him, this chub flipped Phillip onto his back, intending to oil up his front side and stroke his python, but Phillip voraciously inserts Timmy’s giant cock into his throat. Boy nurses on it while Timmy strokes his python.

Later, Timmy pulls Phillip’s head off the edge of the table, and you can tell this Phillip still is a newbie at trying to learn to swallow manmeat.

This worried me as I realized boy was presently going to take that gigantic dick in his ass.

Timmy climbs between Phillips legs and ever so slowly slides his manmeat in. Phillip is a trooper. His python begins to go soft, so guy swiftly starts out jerking while Timmy goes on to slip his python in and out.

Then the first of the OutTakes happened. I was panning around, when Phillip realized lad was ’bout to cum. We all come to a screeching halt, worried this 3 min into fuck Phillip would cum. But I left the moment in because it was such a short pause, and Timmy is able to resume bang him. A close call!

To give Phillip a break, Timmy straddles him, slowly sliding his dick in. Timmy if greater amount of a Top, and in actuality took a bit longer than Phillip did to take it in the ass. But once in, gink rides him like a pro. His fiend cock keeps slapping Phillip’s stomach and Phillip appears to be mesmerized by it!

Next Timmy fucks Phillip doggie-style, and once again Phillip gets close to cumming. I had warned them beforehand this if that happens, just to finish and change positions.

So, Timmy flips Phillip on to his back and fucks him from a a variety of angle. That is of course the same angle this had Phillip ’bout to cum earlier. Maybe not the smartest idea after all.

Those of you who read those summaries will often see me say, "I had to scramble up and receive in position to catch his cumshot." and that time there was just no avoiding it so I made it part of the final edit.

After only getting fucked a small in number minutes on his back, and with me on the ground getting some under footage, I could hear Phillip moan out this guy was ’bout to cum.

This time you literally see me scramble out from beneath to catch his cum shot. There are some cameras in the replay shots as we were absolutely not in readiness to for Phillip to titties, but we got it!

Timmy then has to take a moment to stroke his manmeat to shoot his load on Phillip’s hole. Dude tentatively pokes his head in, trying to juice him with his load, but by this time, poor Phillips was spent!

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Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips
Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips

Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips
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Chaosmen - Phillip and Timmy Gay Clips