Ambassadors Of The Ice

Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie
Release Year: 2003
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Cast: Jeremy Shelton, Daniel Kilmer,Brian Wels, George Vidanov, Steve Hogan,Tony Magera, Rob Nelson, Kevin Elliott,Alan Williams, Ed Burton
Genres: Oral, anal, group sex

Besides the fact that it strives for realism — these studs don’t just fuck in the locker room, they actually do get out on the rink and play hockey — director Tom Bradford’s "Ambassadors of the Ice" delivers in every way. These Eastern European puck-pushers are drop- gorgeous, the sex sizzles, the videography is superb, and the ice hockey theme is used to full advantage.
Following an opener that sets the tone, the guys practicing on the ice in a real hockey rink, hot studs Ed Burton and Daniel Kilmer show that there’s more than one way to make the team. In the locker room, they show off their ripe suckable nipples, and Daniel is gifted with a very long cock that juts out from beneath a nice treasure trail. Daniel and Ed trade wet blows, then Daniel tongues Ed’s tasty-looking hole. Daniel plows Ed missionary on a weight bench as Ed’s uncut cock bobs over his belly, Daniel then flips him over and shoves his dick in from behind. The action nicely captured from close-ups from below. The intense screwing ends with Daniel pulling out of Ed’s ass and shooting cum all over Ed’s thick quads (all that skating develops great legs). Ed follows with a shot that sprays all over Daniel’s hairy thigh. They end with a very passionate kiss.
A three-way between Jeremy Sheldon, Brian Wels and Tony Magera is a jostling-and-slamming poke-check fantasye to life. They get going right on the ice with the guys wearing full hockey uniform gear. Soon the hockey sticks are all but forgotten, though, and jockstraps are plundered for treasure, lowered for blows, and amazingly (with the use of mats for protection), they fuck right on the surface of the ice. Even better, they keep their helmets and part of their gear, including their shin guards, on as they face off. All three blow massive loads: Jeremy, who has been fucking Brian from behind, pulls out, fires a gusher of juice all over Brian’s buff backside, Brian follows with his cum, and Tony shoots last — a big, wet, dripping load that just oozes from the head of his uncut dick. Amazingly, the ice doesn’t melt.
Following a grueling workout, four sweaty players return to the locker room and strip. Two of the men, Kevin Elliott and Steve Hogan, stay behind as Rob Nel and Alan Williams head for the showers. Kevin, who has a wonderfully defined physique, lets guy-toy Steve suck his cock, and Steve’s bluer-than-blue eyes and long sexy eyelashes look great as he looks up at Kevin, his mouth stuffed full of cock. Rob and Alan, who can’t help but get in on the action, rejoin them. With jerseys, pads, helmets and other sports equipment strewn about (you can practically smell the sweaty jockstraps), the four dudes use each other’s hot bodies in a myriad of ways, starting with side-by-side suck-offs. The fucking begins, using benches for easier asshole access, Kevin perates Steve’s bubble-butt from behind as Rob rides Alan, his long uncut dick dangling above the action. Bottoms and tops change partners, Kevin fucking Rob as Alan shoves his dick into Steve. Then, one by one, they all deliver huge jets of cum.
In a shower room, George Vidanov, one of my favorite bottoms in all of gay porn, teams up with Daniel Kilmer and Jeremy Sheldon. (George, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It’s enough that George has boyish good looks, a tight body covered with downy golden fur, and an ass that could inspire poetry. The fact that he is also an aplished bottom is icing on the cake, or cakes in George’s case.) George, Daniel and Jeremy get started with kisses that lead to rock-hard erections. George goes down on Jeremy’s beautiful dick as Daniel jacks his cock and watches. George trades off, tasting the two cocks, as Jeremy and Daniel kiss. George first gets his furry hole speared from behind by Jeremy, who moans as if it’s the best thing he’s ever felt around his dick. While Jeremy is thrusting away, George sucks Daniel’s erection. George sits on Jeremy’s amazingly erect dick, and then goes sidesaddle and for a good fucking from Daniel. Daniel is the first to blow, his load dripping all over George’s back, then George’s explodes, and finally, Jeremy lets loose a major gusher of cum as he continues to stroke his uncut dick as it jets out.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:45:47
Video: 576×416, DivX 5, 810kbps
Audio: 78kbps

Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie
Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie

Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie
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Ambassadors Of The Ice Gay Movie