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Bijou – Cruisin’ The Castro

Bijou - Cruisin' The Castro Gay Retro

This late-’70s pre-condom classic focuses on the antics of gay men along San Francisco’s famed Castro strip. The men are delightfully hairy

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All Worlds Video – Choke Em (1996)

All Worlds Video - Choke Em (1996) Gay Retro

Jerkin’ military men take matters into their own hands that climaxes into a six man circle jerk in the bunkhouse. These hot and horny Marines need to find something to do while stationed for long periods of time

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Nova – Under Construction

Nova - Under Construction Gay Retro

A real erection job from a gang of hot superstuds who sure don’t mind getting down and getting dirty! So, get greased up and climb into the action with this gang of hardhats and gym jocks who are ready

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Wakefield Poole

Wakefield Poole Gay Retro
Studio: Bijou

The film concerns a construction worker (Bill Harrison) who witnesses a car accident and pockets the female victim’s purse in which he discovers her invitation to a club named Bijou

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Catalina – Bigger They Come

Catalina - Bigger They Come Gay Retro

Legendary gay porn icon John Davenport leads a crew of well endowed men on a quest to fulfill all of their deepest (anally deepest, that is) desires

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Austrian Gigolos With Big Cocks

Austrian Gigolos With Big Cocks Gay Retro
Release Year: 1998
Cast: Johny Lee, Constantin May, Ramon, Travis-Kim, Kevin, Subaru, Marek, Ma
Genres: twink, duets, oral, anal, nature

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Mitchell Rock Workin It Out

Mitchell Rock Workin It Out Gay Retro
Release Year: 2010
Studio: All Worlds, Channel 1 Releasing
Cast: Mitchell Rock, Caesar, Dane, Kelly, Matt, Rebecca,
Genres: Blow job Anal Sex

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Rough military sluts

Rough military sluts Gay Retro
Release Year: 1999
Cast: Anthony DeAngelo, Blake Harper, Cameron Cruise, Chad Johnson, Cole Tucker, Jason Branch, Logan Reed, Matt Bradshaw

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Black Wishes

Black Wishes Gay Retro
Release Year: 1999
Cast: Flex Gamble, Tony Monroe, Bobby Blake, Andre Bolla, Daniel West, Kamrun, Christopher Fleur DeLis, Flex-Deon Blake

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Surge Studio – Head Trips

Surge Studio - Head Trips Gay Retro

It looks so innocent a 25 cent peep gadget in a dark arcade. But once the curtain is closed and the propitious viewer drops his quarters into the machinery his the most sexy fantasy starts out! Dude is mysteriously lifted to the twilight world of the 4th greatness where his evil sex game is experienced to the hilt

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