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Best Black Fuckers

Best Black Fuckers Gay Retro
Release Year: 1999
Cast: Flex Gamble, Jayden Christopher, J.C. Carter, Eric Butler, Corey Cox, Ethan Alexander, Kamrun, Ken Taylor, L.A. Mont

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Jizz Junkies

Jizz Junkies Gay Retro
Studio: Swain Mec

5 Euro scenes here: 1 barebacked threeway, 1 barebacked couple, 2 couples with contraceptives, 1 scene with 2 pairs of oral sex

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Workin It Out

Workin It Out Gay Retro
Studio: Studio 2000

Studio 2000s Fall superhit is certain to be Workin It Out. It stars the wonderful Sonny Markham–new and much improved from his stint in the leading role in Making Porn off-Broadway at the Actors Playhouse in New York

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Jocks Gay Retro
Studio: Nebula Movie, Nova, Bijou Classics

Six vignettes:

1. Pumping Eight
Chad Scott, Todd Russell
Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises – including a very unique manner of fucking

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Weekend Lockup

Weekend Lockup Gay Retro
Studio: Falcon

An astonishing bit of gay porn history is packaged here. No dialogue, no faked shots of cum, no plot. Its just everything you wish in a porn: from oral sex cumshots and facial glazings

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Falconhead Vol. 2: The maneaters

Falconhead Vol. 2: The maneaters Gay Retro
Studio: VCA – HIS

Falcon Head 2 is literally brimming with the most elaborate all – male fantasies ever staged. From Leather masters to exotic tropical locales

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Bang Suck Bang

Bang Suck Bang Gay Retro
Studio: Flashpoint Film studios

Every now and then i see a newbie joe landon fan requesting for his flicks. I was cleaning up my heavy drive and forgot all ’bout that 1

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Spring Break

Spring Break Gay Retro
Studio: Falcon Film studios

Seven learners, a coach, an , a master…the almost any controversial activity movie ever! Corey Monroe receives dildoed fucked in a sling by Chad Douglas and Cole Carpenter

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Four In Hand

Four In Hand Gay Retro
Studio: Nova

Buff it Up features Pat Fulton and Tige McMasters as floor-cleaning men who suck 69 category and fucking any another, forgetting all ’bout the floors

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Down To His Knee

Down To His Knee Gay Retro
Studio: L.A. Movie Corporation, Midnight Men Movie, Blue Pictures

The sun is horny and so is the performance when those surfers hit Laguna Beach

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