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Call To Arms

Call To Arms Gay Extreme
Studio: Plain Wrapped Appetizing House Fun

Your land calls – it’s time to do your duty! So step right up today and support your right to bury arms (and anything else within reach) deep inside the nearest needy patriot! Witness new enlistee Jordan West suffer a mandatory head shaving at the hands of Corporal Lover Saxon and then take his first dildo (ever) up his innocent hollow! Duck and cover as private Frank Sylvano takes a pounding from a barrage of hole-seeking missiles; and

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Causa – 430 Jax

Causa - 430 Jax Gay Extreme
Studio: ClubAmateurUSA

This video with Jax is quintessential ClubAmateurUSA, and from his appearance to his sexperience, reminds me of a long-ago former military guy who never looked at sex the same

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Trey T Photo Shoot – part 1

Trey T Photo Shoot - part 1 Gay Extreme
Studio: PumpingMuscle

Very sensual male! Awesome flesh of that guy. Elegant torso, firm ass, strong trunk and honey smile. Sturdy barrel and firm ass

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Anthony P Photo Shoot – part 2

Anthony P Photo Shoot - part 2 Gay Extreme
Studio: PumpingMuscle

Lovely comely man bared in the street, played with his muscles and began to warm his penis in the sun.

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Jamies Taste Of Saul

Jamies Taste Of Saul Gay Extreme
Studio: Nysm

Today our straight friend the Ginger BodyBuilder, Jamie finished over for a taste of what Saul had to offer. Lad was very astonied and happy as u will see in this sexual video

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Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers Gay Extreme

Like twinks? Wish young meat? You’ve hit the weight! Hardcore porns showcasing the broken in!

Format: mp4

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Fistpack vol.16 Hand It Over

Fistpack vol.16 Hand It Over Gay Extreme
Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion Film studios, Fisting Central
Cast: Aaron Hammer, Antonio Biaggi, Billy Ryder, Daniel Dixx

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Bonus Video of Toni Filip’s Photo Shoot

Bonus Video of Toni Filip's Photo Shoot Gay Extreme
Studio: EnglishLads

Toni did a shoot for our friend website ’bout a month ago and since then fellow has been busy at the gym and has managed to deserve 4kg’s of muscle in this time and has stayed beyond question lean

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Take The Plunge

Take The Plunge Gay Extreme
Studio: Club Inferno

Take The Plunge! Get in readiness for a competition unlike any 1 more you’ve ever seen formerly when ass-play champions Evan Matthews and Trent Bloom Take The Plunge

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Milos Cepica Helping Hand (2014)

Milos Cepica Helping Hand (2014) Gay Extreme
Video language: English

Milos Cepica is old 22 and lives in Louny. Bloke works as a locksmith and has fun cycling and football

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