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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S11E02 – Oil Hunks 3 – Chace LaChance vs Mutant

Muscle Domination Wrestling – S11E02 – Oil Hunks 3 – Chace LaChance vs Mutant Gay Extreme

Sometimes, one muscle jock can scarcely squeeze his ego into a room with him; add another jock bodybuilder to the equation and there is chained to be fireworks

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Plain Wrapped Superstar Cory Jay

Plain Wrapped Superstar Cory Jay Gay Extreme

Exclusive Mark Anthony and British assmaster Patrick O’Rourke to bring you Mo’ Bigga’ Ass, part two of the classic series. These men push the art of asshole manipulation to new levels with unforgettable bottom play activity like the now legendary Cory Jay pool ball scene!

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MuscleGallery – Con Demetriou

MuscleGallery - Con Demetriou Gay Extreme

Con Demetriou grew up on a farm about an hour west of Sydney, doing a lot of utmost physical work and spending a lot of time with the animals

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Pounding Spanish Ass Troy Moreno, Sergio Moreno

Pounding Spanish Ass Troy Moreno, Sergio Moreno Gay Extreme
Release Year: 2016
Studio: DarkRoom DarkAlley
Cast: Troy Moreno, Sergio Moreno
Genres: Booty Sex, Barebacked, Blowjob, Cumshots

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Making Jack Jagger Cry

Making Jack Jagger Cry Gay Extreme
Studio: Drake Rock

After I stopped breeding Jack in one of the another movies, he asked if he could make some extra money by sucking my cock

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Joe Parker & Chad Glenn

Joe Parker & Chad Glenn Gay Extreme
Cast: Joe Parker & Chad Glenn
Genres: hunks,muscle,hairy upper body,afternoon delight,kissing
Video language: English

Chad then climbs back on top and rides it ’till he shoots a enormous weight all over Joe’s hirsute stomach and upper body

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Thiago’s Fist Academy Pt 2

Thiago's Fist Academy Pt 2 Gay Extreme

One of the pals first caresses the another, and then bangs him in dissimilar anal sex toys and puts his hand in the butt, but one acquires an apogee and pleasure

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Pantheon Productions – Abandon: Real Men Volume 19

Pantheon Productions - Abandon: Real Men Volume 19 Gay Extreme

a•ban•don (uh-ban-duh n) To yield oneself without restraint or moderation; give oneself over to natural impulse without self-control. You’ll have no choice but to yield to the sensual hardcore activity when you see these 10 fantastic rousing leather daddies and begging guys tie

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Raw Muscle Pig

Raw Muscle Pig Gay Extreme

Rarely does a performer come along with the smoking skin like Tommy Hawk and the mind and sex drive of a total barebacked and fisting pig

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Da ddies & Pigs 1

Da ddies & Pigs 1 Gay Extreme
Release Year: 2004
Cast: Lyle James, Shawn Islander, Ruben D’Angelo, Adam Faust, Rex Armswell, Fred Harry, Brad Wilder, Craig Stowe, John Steele

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