Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey

Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips
Release Year: 2023
Cast: Damien Grey, Cain Marko, Bob Knight
Genres: Anal Sex, Barebacked, Oral-stimulation, Breeding, Gagging, Rimming, Enormous Dick, Tattoo, Twinks
Video language: English

Mr. Marko was particularly great at his job. Dude knew what was wrong or right within a building. If there were leaks, dude could find them. This chub could tell where water pipes ran through walls. If there was no sexual water, chap had a working list of exact reasons that could cause it, and how to tie each symptom. This teenage man, although… Damien. Damien’s plumbing needed particular care. Not the plumbing in the walls, either, but his flesh. Damien made as much clear with the tilt of his head, and the wry smile on his face as lad eyed Mr. Marko’s massive body up and down.
That gigantic bear of a man knew when someone was undressing him with their eyes. The utility coveralls of the plumbing profession were not the most glamorous or exciting, so if that youthful man—barely a man, judging by his boyish frame—was glazing his eyes over his daddy build like that, Marko knew this Damien was already lustful by what was underneath.
"Yeah?" Cain approached the bed. When Damien vagina to meet him, his small flesh pressing into Cain’s thick stomach, they both knew—there was no more ambiguity to conquer.
Cain ripped himself out of his coveralls, revealing his furry, stocky skin. Damien, likewise, slid out of his shorts to reveal tighty-whities and a half-hard bulge, one grown just from the sight of Cain at work. The teen man, with practiced hunger, slid his body stomach-first onto the bed and seized Mr. Marko’s manhood. Mr. Marko’s newest client Damien called for the muscular daddy plumber to control the pipes for a leak in the basement. And as an expert concerned with careful inspection of his job sites, Mr. Marko covered every square foot. The basement was gigantic, although, and so the inspection took some time and effort.
Mr. Marko decided after ’bout an hour or so that it was due time for a break. This chub grabbed his thermos and took a great long drink of the cool, refreshing water. Just a moment later, teenage Damien appeared. Dude looked up at the tall, burly DILF and made no endeavour to hide his attraction and want. Why should that chub? They’d done that song and dance before—Damien knew Mr. Marko was well versed in dealing with pipes.
The dear twink inquired if buddy could join Mr. Marko during his break. The plumber smiled widely and happily agreed. Damien stood on his tip-toes, wrapped his arms around Mr. Marko’s broad shoulders and kissed him. It took everything the big daddy had not to tear the tiny twink’s suit off right then and there.
Mr. Marko not quite just couldn’t believe how quickly this chub had recovered from their last fight less than two hours ago. Ever since they banged in the boy’s bedroom, Mr. Marko’s mind was clouded by lust over Damien’s priceless bubble-butt. The horny plumber desired nothing greater amount than to massage that boy’s ass with his large hands and bury his tongue as far into the smooth, constricting fuck-tunnel as it would go. It does not escape my attention this fellows on the short side—with tiny frames and petite builds—tend to have the hots for me. That has been a phenomenon for as long back as I can remember. I’m 6’7” immediately, and I’ve been taller than my peers beautiful much my entire existence. Even as a child, I tended to tower over nearly all the other kids. Studs have a tendency to pay me a lot of attention. They look up to me, you could say.
Can’t say this I mind! Honestly, I find shorter studs seriously fine-looking, and I’m not shy ’bout this fact. In my professional gardening and landscaping business, I find myself enclosed by short, petite guys. There’s 1 horny, youthful twink in particular named Damien whom I discovered has quite a crush on me. And yes, he’s a short dude- probably.
Now, how do I know that Damien has a crush on me? Truth be told, dude makes it kinda obvious. U see, Damien’s got no problem openly staring at me. I’ve caught him damn near drooling when I take place to walk by. Even if man and I are in a room full of people, the young Latin beauty has got eyes for me and just only me. And I think it’s totally fuck lustful. I just love the way lad looks up at me with those darling, adoring, dark brown eyes and charming smile.

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Duration: 1:09:04
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Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips
Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips

Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips
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Breeding Collection Of Damien Grey Gay Clips

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